The Telco Cloud Manifesto 2.0

Telco cloud is what enables agility and programmability of the network as the network becomes software-based and cloud-native. STL Partners believes that telco cloud is the foundation for operators to adapt their core asset to rapidly changing and diverse customer needs and, as such, is a crucial enabler for operators’ success in the Coordination Age. In this version of manifesto updated in January 2023, we explain why. 

Co-operation with hyperscalers can reap rewards – but only if telcos complete the hard work of cloudification first.

As we have set out in our company manifesto, STL Partners believes that we are entering a new ‘Coordination Age’ in which technological developments will enable governments, enterprises, and consumers to coordinate their activities more effectively than ever before. The results of better and faster coordination will be game-changing for society as resources are distributed and used more effectively than ever before leading to substantial social, economic, and health benefits. 

A critical component of the Coordination Age is the universal availability of flexible, fast, reliable, low-latency networks that support a myriad of applications which, in turn, enable a complex array of communications, decisions, transactions, and processes to be completed quickly and, in many cases, automatically without human intervention.  The network remains key: without it being fit for purpose the ability to match demand and supply real-time is impossible. 

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