Combining private 5G and edge computing

Combining private 5G and edge computing: The revenue opportunity

As edge and 5G investments accelerate, operators search for the business case for these new technologies. In this report, we highlight the enterprise opportunity for operators in combining private 5G and edge, to deliver innovative and holistic solutions to enterprise customers.


  • Identifying the opportunity: proven demand for private 5G and edge computing:
    • Demand for edge computing and 5G private networks: addressing industry pain points
  • MEC in a box: driving simplicity and performance:
    • TCO comparison: MEC in a box to reduce costs for enterprises
    • Access technology: why use private 5G?
  • Taking the solution to market: a revenue opportunity for operators:
    • Next steps for operators to capitalise on this opportunity
  • Appendix:
    • Methodology: prioritising use cases
    • Methodology: cost of ownership model
    • Methodology: revenue model

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Sample figure


         Figure 1: The enterprise proposition for private 5G networks is compelling



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