STL Partners Roundtable 2020

STL Partners Roundtable 2020

Agenda & Logistics

25th November 2020


The telecoms industry is under indisputable pressure to transform. The rollout of 5G brings a new growth opportunity for the telecoms industry that lies far beyond the consumer market. 5G is not just a new piece of technology, but also a catalyst for business model change for operators.

Demand for solutions that leverage new network capabilities is strong and will continue to grow, despite the impact of COVID on the global landscape. In fact, STL Partners believes that 5G can generate $1.5 trillion globally in 2030 for eight industries. Operators have an opportunity to participate in this, but they must move beyond offering pure connectivity in order to unlock this value.

This event

In this event, STL Partners will draw on extensive research into 5G in the transport and logistics industry, as well as 5G’s role in accelerating the move to lower carbon emissions. As part of this research we have conducted interviews with executives within the respective industries, and surveyed hundreds of stakeholders across developing and developed markets to understand their unique challenges and explore the value that 5G can bring to them.

In our exploration of 5G in transport and logistics, we will highlight the key use cases that are enabled by 5G, including smart traffic infrastructure and drones for last mile delivery. We will show how these use cases create value and the barriers to adoption that need to be overcome so these use cases can become widespread.

5G also has a key role to play in accelerating the move to lower carbon emissions. We will discuss how 5G networks can increase both the proportion of electricity coming from renewable energy sources, and the efficiency with which energy is consumed.

We will also look at the implications for the telecoms industry and what operators, governments and industry players must do to overcome barriers and unlock value from these use cases.

Who is the event for?

The event is targeted at senior telco executives looking to better understand the needs of different industries and the commercial options they should be looking to pursue.

It will cover general principles for operators looking to pursue 5G enterprise opportunities beyond connectivity so will be relevant whether you are committed to focusing on the transport and logistics vertical or not.


STL Partners will present findings from the research programme and then stimulate discussion among participants by inviting questions from the audience and soliciting (anonymised) votes to questions. Chatham House rules will apply (nothing will be attributed to individuals or their organisations) to encourage open discussion, debate, and collaboration.


14.00  Introductions and objectives

14.10  Overview of research programme

  • Methodology, interviews, survey, modelling
  • Headline results – the value of 5G to 8 industries: a $1.5 trillion opportunity in 2030
  • Economic and social benefits to enterprises, governments, and consumers
  • Impact of COVID on the 5G opportunity

14.25  Transport and logistics deep-dive: specific use cases and benefits from 5G​

  • The ecosystem and value to the healthcare industry from​
    • Connected traffic infrastructure
    • Advanced routing and optimisation
    • Drones for last ‘hundred yards’ delivery
  • Implications for the telecoms industry​
    • Commercial strategy considerations for operators, regulators, and vendors

15.10  Break

15.20  Energy efficiency deep-dive: role of 5G in reducing carbon emissions

  • Accelerating the move to lower emissions through three key mechanisms
    • Green electricity generation
    • Transition to electricity
    • Energy efficient consumption
  • Implications for the telecoms industry​
    • Commercial strategy considerations for operators, regulators, and vendors

16.00  Wrap up and closing Q&A


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