STL Partners & Volt Active Data Edge IoT Platforms Webinar Series

Independently, edge computing and the internet of things are two exciting areas of innovation with TMT, with global revenues expected to reach $543 billion and $612 billion respectively by 2030. However, the significant overlap between these two growing industries is becoming home to a growing number of use cases which are continuing to gain traction, such as fleet management, advanced predictive maintenance, and real time flow analysis. 

However, there is a danger that these two technologies are developing at different rates and with separate vendor ecosystems accelerating their growth. This runs the risk of the industry not taking full advantage of what edge and IoT can do together. We’re addressing four key questions with our series of webinars and reports, including: 

  • Which use cases and verticals will drive growth in demand for edge IoT? 
  • Should there be such a thing as an edge IoT platform?
  • How can edge IoT providers cultivate winning business models? 
  • What is the role of data analytics in edge IoT? 

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