STL Partners’ Edge Use Case Service

50+ Edge computing examples and detailed insight to accelerate your edge strategy

Discover the best edge monetisation opportunities, understand the key partners, and inform your go-to-market strategy through our Edge Use Case Service

  1. Accelerate your edge computing strategy through education of the key use cases that are driving adoption in different industries.
  2. Drive alignment within your organisation on the proposition and requirements of use cases.
  3. Highlight the monetisation opportunities and roles that need to be filled in order to deliver an end-to-end edge computing solution.

What our customers say about our Edge Computing Practise

“The consulting team worked with professionalism and produced high-quality output that could be repurposed in a wide variety of ways”.Product Manager, Service Provider Analytics – Technology Vendor

“We worked closely with STL in true partnership to deliver high quality, actionable insights that were not available elsewhere”. Head of Cloud Edge – Global Mobile Operator

“STL brings edge expertise. They understand the landscape across telco and other ecosystems”. Head of Commercial & Partnering – Global Mobile Operator

The Edge Use Case Service includes over 50 use cases and provides detailed insight and analysis, including:

  • Use case description
  • Key drivers for using edge computing
  • Potential business models
  • Real-life examples
  • Potential partners
  • Customer and end-user proposition

The Edge Use Case Service is dynamic and far more than a simple subscription:

  • 2 hours of analyst time with our edge computing experts. This could be to discuss your edge computing strategy or answer a specific question around a use case or business model.
  • Request up to 5 use cases on-demand to augment a specific vertical or opportunity you are may be considering.
  • Quarterly updates to the service to ensure it remains relevant in a rapidly changing market.

The Edge Use Case Service has been curated by our team of experienced edge computing experts:

  • STL Partners has been writing and researching edge computing since 2016. Our reports on business models for edge computing (available here) and what applications developers want from edge computing (available here) are still seen as cutting edge in the industry.
  • We have completed 11 major edge computing consulting assignments including 4 with leading global operators.
  • We have strong connections across the edge ecosystem including interviews with over 50 enterprises, solution providers and application developers across different industries.
Try out our edge use case service for free by requesting a demo or use case sample below: