Dell Technologies: quantifying the ROI for advanced analytics

Highlighting the achieved benefits of an advanced analytics solution

STL Partners helped Dell to qualify and quantify the impact and benefits of their advanced analytics solution on telco operations through ROI modelling and customer interviews.

STL Partners uses a powerful combination of quantitative and qualitative insights to help build marketing assets to address key technology-driven business opportunities. These marketing tools help our clients generate leads and drive meaningful conversations with their existing and prospective customers.

STL Partners supported Dell Technologies in promoting its capabilities in data analytics by quantifying and qualifying its platform’s performance and the tangible benefits it brings to telco customers. This involved:

  • conducting an extensive modelling exercise to quantify the ROI of the platform across operator profiles and implementation scenarios by assessing the benefits of analytics on customer churn, cost per retention and ARPU and comparing that to the total cost of ownership;
  • producing a case study featuring the customer-centric view and approach that O2 UK has taken to its network, in particular looking at how O2 is leveraging its network customer experience (NCX) score as a key metric;
  • developing an infographic highlighting the key messages from the O2 UK case study, around driving customer-centricity in network analytics

The results of the research and modelling equipped the Dell Technologies team with proof points and tangible metrics around how its solutions can bring advanced analytics capabilities to operators.

I’m more certain now than ever that we made the right choice with STL Partners. The consulting team worked with professionalism and produced high-quality output that could be repurposed in a wide variety of ways.

Product Manager

Service Provider Analytics, Dell Technologies

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Project deliverables

O2 UK case study

STL produced a compelling case study on O2 UK, looking at their customer-centric approach to network analytics using Dell Technologies’ platform. The report also outlines key findings from the ROI modelling, supporting the business case for implementing advanced data analytics.


The key highlights from the research were also used to produce an infographic. Dell Technologies uses this on its various marketing channels to promote the O2 UK case study and data analytics platform.

ROI modelling

The overall model calculated the predicted benefits of analytics within three different impact scenarios and operator profiles, and the TCO of the platform, estimating various cases where infrastructure components are scaled at different rates. Both the benefits and TCO estimations were fed directly into the ROI calculations.