Selecting go-to-market partners for a global technology vendor in private networks

Case study overview

A global technology vendor decided to enter the private networks market. However, as the solution only makes up a small part of a private networks offering, the client decided to look for a partner who could lead the go-to-market.

– They were looking to identify a shortlist of priority partners who aligned both with the client’s strategy and with their proposed value proposition in private networks

– The client wished to understand the current proposition and strategy of proposed partners in private networks, what their joint value proposition in private networks would be, and develop a pitch to secure partnership

– The client asked STL Partners to develop and execute a prioritisation process to identify a shortlist of priority partners to go-to-market in private networks, before compiling deep dives on each priority partner

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Example deliverables

What was the approach?

STL carried out a 4-phase project to achieve the client’s objective:

1. Scoping: Internal client interviews to understand their product, strategy and value proposition in private networks, as well as identifying key partner parameters and objectives for subsequent phases. Initial longlist of 120 potential partners identified.

2. Voice of Partner (VoP) research: Extensive primary research phase interviewing 20 private network providers including MNOs, SI, and specialist private network vendors.

3. Partner prioritisation: Prioritisation process consisting of 4 rounds carried out to narrow 120 partners to 8 – 10 priority partners.

4. Partnership pitch creation: Deep dives compiled on each priority partner outlining their current offering and strategy in private networks, the proposed joint value proposition in private networks, and the client’s pitch for partnership


Key results from the project

20 interviews conducted with private network providers; 120 potential partners identified; 10 priority go-to-market partners selected; 10 partner deep dives created to outline the client’s partnership proposition and the joint value proposition in private networks.


Example deliverables