Building a growth strategy for an EMEA data centre business

Case study overview

– An EMEA data centre company wanted to outline a 5-year growth plan, making use of their unique asset base of data centres, enterprise cloud platforms and networking capabilities.

– They particularly wanted to understand the impact of edge computing on their strategy, evaluating both opportunities and risks that it will create

– Key questions the C-level team had included what would their future customer base look like, what partners they should work with and how any new strategic directions should be communicated to customers and to internal company stakeholders

– Ultimately, they wanted STL to produce a tangible and practical growth strategy, leveraging our unique industry expertise in edge, cloud and data centres

Consulting services overview

Get in touch to find out how we can help you:

  • Analyse market trends and dynamics
  • Conduct market sizing and forecasting
  • Prioritise initiatives for new growth

Example deliverables

What was the approach?

Six-phase approach:

1. Scoping – STL built an understanding on the client’s existing proposition

2. Market evaluation – Forecasting of the whole market and evaluation of client position

3. Opportunity deep dive – Voice of the market programme to evaluate short and long-term growth areas

4. GTM assessment – production of GTM document including competitor analysis, commercial strategy, capability roadmap and partnership recommendations

5. Executive readouts – delivery of strategy readouts to key client executives

6. Messaging – provide guidance on key messaging and positioning strategies including testing with existing customers

Key results from the project

  • 40+ voice of the market interview programme
  • 1 TAM SAM SOM forecast produced
  • 10+ board and executive team members involved
  • 4 growth areas identified
  • 1 messaging and positioning document

Example deliverables