Defining a strategy for 5G-enabled services

Case study overview

STL Partners works collaboratively with clients to identify, define, and prioritise use cases and services across a range of growth areas, including 5G. We help clients to define the viable business model options and assess the associated risks and mitigation strategies. This includes detailing and analysing the potential commercial models for a product or service.

Below we outline how STL Partners supported an alliance of mobile operators to:

  • Identify and prioritise 5G use cases;
  • Understand the market landscape, trends, and dynamics;
  • Evaluate the viable business models.



Consulting services overview

Get in touch to find out how we can help you:

  • Identify and prioritise key use cases
  • Define the viable business models
  • Model the business case for new initiatives

Identify and prioritise 5G use cases

At the beginning of the project STL Partners, in collaboration with the client, identified a long-list of 5G use cases. We then scored these using specific criteria (e.g. client’s right to play, tactical vs strategic opportunity), categorised the use cases into strategic opportunity areas, and subsequently prioritised the strongest opportunity areas for further research and development.

Example deliverables
Example deliverables

Understanding the market landscape, trends, and dynamics

Once the opportunity areas had been prioritised, STL Partners undertook initial research to understand the market context.

We analysed growth across the different market segments, developed the value chain for the opportunity areas (identifying key players within this), and highlighted what telcos (locally and globally) were already doing in the space.

Evaluate the viable business models

STL Partners supported the client in defining their potential roles within the ecosystem. Through primary interviews with solutions partners and extensive desk research, we built a picture of the viable business models and how the client could move higher up the value chain and bring more value to their customers and members.

We undertook a series of internal workshops to align on the client’s existing capabilities and appetite to move into new areas – from this we were able to provide a recommendation to the client on how to pursue the opportunity and the immediate next steps.

Example deliverables