Building ROI tool and accelerating sales for mobile private networks in manufacturing

Case study overview

Our client, a leading network equipment provider (NEP), was one of the first to launch a mobile private networks offering in the market and had set ambitious revenue targets it needed to meet. It had secured a global Tier-1 telecoms operator as its go-to-market partner and wanted to ensure take-up from enterprises to meet these targets.

However, mobile private networks was new at the time and there were risks to meeting revenues. It was difficult for enterprises to understand what the technology was, how it could benefit their business and what advantages it could provide versus alternatives, such as Wi-Fi and industrial network technologies. At the time, the cost of implementing such a solution were not well understood either, particularly in terms of the integration and other services that would be required to operate it in an industrial environment and the level of CAPEX and OPEX investments.

Our client needed to quickly help its telecoms operator partner upskill its sales team to move from selling fixed network products to taking a consultative approach selling a mobile technology solution.

Consulting services overview

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  • Analyse market trends and dynamics
  • Conduct market sizing and forecasting
  • Prioritise initiatives for new growth

Example deliverables

What was the approach?

  • Identify 16 manufacturing use cases and prioritise to form the basis of the ROI tool
  • Interview 13 companies and used survey with 200 manufacturing professionals to identify benchmarks on the benefits on OEE from the mobile private network use cases
  • Work with the NEP to build a cost model of the mobile private network solution, including how radio equipment and services costs changed depending on use cases chosen, throughput required and site size
  • Work with telecom operator to build in pricing models and mark-up mechanism to help sales team use tool to understand potential size of deal
  • Develop an interactive ROI tool for the manufacturing sector
  • Test the tool with both the NEP, telecoms operator client and a friendly enterprise customer
  • Build training materials and run training sessions to hand over the tool to the client
  • Developed materials for sales playbook – including target personas

Key results from the project

  • Sustained success of partnership – NEP extended the partnership to other countries, including the U.S., and has maintained it for over 4 years
  • Quantified the benefits of 4 use cases across a 5-year period for 3 different site sizes, over 10 countries and assessing 3 different commercial models
  • Demonstrated benefits of private mobile networks, e.g. USD 26 million revenue benefit for a 70 square km factory over 5 years (from a total investment of USD 5 million)

Example deliverables