Addressing the private cellular opportunity

Case study overview

We not only work closely with our clients to identify key opportunities within various domains, we also help them develop compelling propositions and go-to-market plans. We also help to equip their customer engagement teams with tools to empower them when engaging with prospective customers.

See how STL Partners supported a leading software and engineering group in:

  • Understanding the private cellular landscape;
  • Identifying, evaluating and prioritising opportunities in the industrial sectors;
  • Producing detailed briefing packs and pitch packs for each opportunity.

Consulting services overview

Find out how we can help you:

  • Develop and test customer propositions
  • Detail viable go-to-market strategies
  • Scout, engage, and facilitate partnerships
  • Develop tools to empower the salesforce

Understanding the private cellular landscape

In order to identify key customer opportunities for our client in supporting 3GPP private cellular deployments, we undertook in-depth research to build an overview of the private LTE/5G opportunity in Europe with a particular focus on the industrial sectors, the potential need and business opportunity for private cellular networks and key use cases. This included clear definitions, taxonomies of private cellular delivery models and case studies to bring this to life.

Through a series of interactive workshops, we worked with key client stakeholders to assess, validate and augment our client’s exiting approach. This included a detailed exercise to evaluate our client’s right to play, their existing capabilities and potential commercial models.

Example deliverables
Example deliverables

Identifying private networking opportunities in the industrial sectors

Using our research on the private cellular landscape to refine our search, we identified a long list of enterprise opportunities, which consisted of industrial enterprises in Europe that have a high potential in leveraging private cellular networks. This list included some firms that have publicly shared intentions in private cellular networks and others who don’t but may have pain points and/or use cases that can be addressed. We produced high-level profiles for each of these enterprise opportunities which included:

  • an overview of the company, including financial performance, operations, key products and services;
  • basis of interest in private cellular networks, including the business opportunity/pain point, supported applications and use cases, as well as potential sites and coverage requirements;
  • presumed level of existing maturity in planning for private cellular networks.

We then defined key criteria, objectives and scoring methodology with the client, and used this to evaluate the long list of opportunities, narrowing down to a final list of 6 opportunities.

Producing tools to equip our client’s customer engagement teams

To help empower the client’s customer sales and engagement teams, we produced an opportunity briefing pack and proposition pitch pack for each of the 6 shortlisted opportunities.

Each opportunity briefing pack included a deep dive into the prospect profiles, including evidence of the company’s maturity, basis of interest in private cellular etc., to outline the hypothesis implementation model and the client’s services

Example deliverables