15 Innovative applications of edge computing

This article showcases 15 companies that are delivering edge computing use cases today. The solutions they offer target different industry verticals and are at different stages of maturity but are all reliant on edge infrastructure to unlock future growth. All these companies in this article have also been featured in STL Partners’ Edge Computing Use Case Directory.

STL Partners has been tracking use cases driving demand for edge computing in our Edge Use Case Directory. This resource has over 50 different use cases in organised by industry vertical, type of edge, maturity of use case etc and is available to all subscribers to our Edge Insights Service.

Also included within the directory are case studies of companies that are delivering this use case today, either as a scaled solution or part of a PoC or pilot. This article highlights 15 of those companies that are spotlighted in our Edge Use Case Directory.

If you are delivering an edge-enabled solution and want to be featured in our Edge Use Case Directory, please get in touch with us here.

Alef Edge

Edge use case: Contextual digital out of home advertising
Industry: Retail
Description: Alef Edge has enabled smart advertising where cameras on screens capture information about the gender and age of people looking at the screens and through AI then ensure the screen displays an advert that is targeted to the viewer.
Link to find out morehttps://venturebeat.com/2022/04/18/why-private-edge-networks-are-gaining-popularity-in-the-enterprise-right-now/


Edge use case: Real-time collaboration in design and engineering
Industry: AEC, retail
Description: Arvizio software can enable two users in remote locations to work together on complex graphics like CAD models (used in architecture).
Link to find out more: https://www.arvizio.io/


Edge use case: Advanced predictive maintenance

Industry: Tourism
Description: Atos has demonstrated the value of massive IoT to monitor the condition of rollercoaster machinery and alert employees where there may be a degradation in performance.
Link to find out more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8z3jrOH978w


Edge use case: Cloud gaming, virtual desktop infrastructure

Industry: Media and entertainment
Description: Blacknut provides the ability for gamers to access any game without the need to own a console or specific gaming laptop. They do this by offloading compute from the device into the cloud/edge.
Link to find out more: https://www.blacknut.com/en


Edge use case: Connected car driver assistance

Industry: Transport and logistics
Description: Continental have developed Continental Automotive Edge Platform which aims to deliver solutions for multiple car manufacturers around areas like driver safety and entertainment.
Link to find out more: https://www.continental.com/en/press/press-releases/20210728-cross-domain-hpc/


Edge use case: Condition-based monitoring
Industry: Manufacturing
Description: Crosser provides a software platform that can aggregate and analyse industrial IoT data from multiple OEMs.
Link to find out more: https://www.crosser.io/solutions/iot-edge-analytics/


Edge use case: Drone detection
Industry: AEC, defence, extractive industries, logistics, manufacturing, media & entertainment, retail, tourism, transport, utilities
Description: Dedrone has partnered with Vodafone to offer drone sensing and threat mitigation software.
Link to find out more: https://www.dedrone.com/


Edge use case: Game optimisation
Industry: Media and entertainment
Description: Edgegap enables game companies to host their games on edge servers and offers capabilities like faster and fairer matchmaking for multiplayer games.
Link to find out more: https://edgegap.com/

EK Automation

Edge use case: Automated guided vehicles
Industry: Manufacturing
Description: EK Automation, a company that manufacture AGVs, has been involved in smart factory trials that leverage a campus network from Deutsche Telekom.
Link to find out more: https://www.smart-industry.net/5g-partnerships-for-smart-factories-from-deutsche-telekom/

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Gorilla Technology

Edge use case: Flow analysis – video ingest and analytics
Industry: Financial services, government, retail, tourism, transport
Description: Gorilla Technology provides analytics on video footage to provide insights on shopper behaviour and demographics.
Link to find out more: https://www.gorilla-technology.com/Smart-Retail


Edge use case: Building monitoring / alarm systems
Industry: Real estate
Description: Gravio captures real-time information on buildings such as temperature, movements and vibrations – this information is automatically communicated to other sensors in the building as well as between buildings as well.
Link to find out more: https://www.gravio.com/en/enterprise


Edge use case: Edge ADN and web content optimisation
Industry: Media & entertainment
Description: Section’s Adaptive Edge Engine provides an edge delivery network that can enable secure, compliant and low latency performance.
Link to find out more: https://www.section.io/

Smart Mobile Labs

Edge use case: Live video / broadcast
Industry: Media & entertainment
Description: Smart Mobile Labs provides optimised video streaming over 4G and 5G and leverages mobile or regional edge clouds to reduce the latency even further.
Link to find out more: http://smartmobilelabs.com/

Stratus Technologies

Edge use case: Environmental condition monitoring
Industry: Agriculture, extractive industries, manufacturing, tourism, transport
Description: Stratus Technologies provides an edge platform that monitors machinery and helps reduce unplanned downtime and ensure the continuous availability of applications critical to the business.
Link to find out more: https://www.stratus.com/


Edge use case: Fleet management and asset tracking
Industry: AEC, extractive industries, logistics, tourism, transport
Description: Samsara uses video and IoT technologies to monitor, manage and provide visibility over equipment and vehicles in a fleet using one portal.
Link to find out more: https://www.samsara.com/

Tilly Gilbert

Tilly Gilbert

Tilly Gilbert

Director, Consulting & Edge Practice Lead

As a Director in STL’s consulting business Tilly has more than five years of experience leading growth projects for technology and telecoms firms. She heads up our research and consulting practice focused on edge and cloud computing and was nominated for Edge Computing Woman of the Year in 2022. Tilly has a BA from Oxford University and an MA from the University of Pennsylvania.

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