15 leading edge computing security companies​

The landscape of edge computing brings unique security challenges, compelling the development of advanced solutions to safeguard data and ensure operational reliability across distributed networks. This article features 15 leading companies dedicated to refining edge security technologies, providing insights into their contributions and core offerings.

The companies in this list have been placed in alphabetical order.

1. AI EdgeLabs

Date Founded: 2016

Headquarters: United States

Description: AI EdgeLabs delivers an AI-driven security platform that equips teams with tools to autonomously detect and respond to threats in real-time across edge applications. This platform facilitates enhanced cybersecurity measures, enabling organisations to proactively address vulnerabilities and secure their edge devices.

2. Barracuda Networks

Date Founded: 2003

Headquarters: United States

Description: Barracuda Networks integrates network security within a cloud-native architecture via its Barracuda SecureEdge platform. This solution offers a unified approach to manage security across distributed networks, effectively addressing data protection and threat management while simplifying security operations at the edge.

3. CanaryBit

Date Founded: 2020

Headquarters: Sweden

Description: CanaryBit provides end-to-end data protection solutions tailored for edge computing environments, focusing on securing sensitive data from inception to disposal. Its offerings help ensure compliance with regulatory standards, enhancing security protocols across distributed systems without compromising operational efficiency.

4. Check Point Software Technologies

Date Founded: 1993

Headquarters: United States

Description: Check Point Software Technologies specialises in edge-based threat detection, offering technologies that deliver real-time threat intelligence and defensive measures essential for securing networks. Its solutions are crucial in protecting distributed assets against a range of cyber threats, helping to maintain the integrity of cloud-centric operations.

5. EDGENeural.ai

Date Founded: 2019

Headquarters: United States

Description: EDGENeural.ai leverages AI to enhance edge computing capabilities, particularly in optimising data processing and security for the growing number of users and devices. Its solutions aim to provide scalable security measures that can adapt to the complexities introduced by the expansion of IoT and mobile technologies.

6. Fastly

Date Founded: 2011

Headquarters: United States

Description: Fastly’s Edge Cloud Platform enhances web and application delivery by prioritising security and scalability. It provides robust DDoS mitigation, secure data handling, efficient traffic management and web application firewall (WAF) technologies.

7. FiduciaEdge Technologies

Date founded: 2020

Headquarters: Taiwan

Description: FiduciaEdge Technologies develops software-defined security solutions integrated with system integration to enhance the protection of sensitive information. Its offerings are particularly valuable in sectors requiring high standards of data security and privacy, helping organisations safeguard their critical digital assets.

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8. Fortinet

Date Founded: 2000

Headquarters: United States

Description: Fortinet’s Security Fabric extends cybersecurity coverage from endpoint to cloud. Its integrated security framework helps organisations manage risks and maintain control over their distributed networks. Fortinet’s offerings include firewalls, SASE and SD-WAN.

9. Lookout

Date Founded: 2007

Headquarters: United States

Description: Lookout’s Cloud Security Platform is developed to safeguard against data breaches and unauthorized access spanning personal devices, connected endpoints, and cloud applications. The platform addresses security requirements for the expanding perimeter associated with the adoption of edge computing technologies by enterprises.

10. OptDyn

Date Founded: 2013

Headquarters: United States

Description: OptDyn’s Subutai, a self-adaptive, decentralised cloud software platform, reflects its commitment to secure, resilient, and scalable cloud services. OptDyn leverages blockchain technology within its platform to create a secure way to decentralise compute resources, as well as having malware detection and proactive intrusion prevention.

11. Skyhigh Security

Date Founded: 2021

Headquarters: United States

Description: Skyhigh Security’s Service Edge is designed to protect digital transactions and data across any network, device, or application. Its security solutions address the risks prevalent in edge and cloud environments, providing ultra-low latency services from 90+ global points of presence.

12. SonicWALL

Date Founded: 1991

Headquarters: United States

Description: SonicWALL’s Cloud Edge Secure Access provides a security-driven networking approach tailored for distributed enterprises, ensuring safe access and robust data protection across hybrid environments. Cloud Edge Security allows for more flexibility than a traditional VPN, enabling more secure “working from anywhere”.

13. Sophos

Date Founded: 1985

Headquarters: Europe

Description: Sophos cybersecurity expertise is executed at the edge, for instance with its Sophos Firewall which provides improved network visibility and protection. This technology is designed to address the security requirements of modern distributed networks, offering defensive capabilities to counteract evolving cybersecurity threats.

14. Spectro Cloud

Date Founded: 2019

Headquarters: United States

Description: Spectro Cloud’s Secure Edge-Native Architecture (SENA) is a solution architecture from Spectro Cloud (in collaboration with Intel and other partners). It focuses on security at every stage of an edge device lifecycle, leveraging Spectro Cloud’s Palette Kubernetes management platform.

15. Tercero Technologies

Date Founded: 2019

Headquarters: United States

Description: Tercero Technologies focuses on accelerating artificial intelligence capabilities at the edge, enhancing real-time data processing and decision-making across various applications. Its solutions emphasise efficiency and security, providing support for businesses looking to leverage advanced AI in their operations.

These fifteen companies represent the forefront of edge computing security, each contributing unique technologies and solutions that are vital for securing distributed edge networks.

Kuba Smolorz


Kuba Smolorz


Kuba Smolorz is a consultant at STL Partners.

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