Edge computing startup in the spotlight

Edge Startup in the Spotlight draws attention to (startup) movers and shakers in the edge world.

Startup in the spotlight: CloudOps

CloudOps is a cloud consulting and services startup whose mission is to help service providers and enterprises own their cloud journey.

CloudOps, founded in 2005, is a cloud consulting, managed service and software company, focused on open source, cloud platforms and cloud networking. With 100 employees across North America, the startup has capabilities across the edge value chain, with its basic aims being to (1) help enterprises and software companies consume cloud platforms and (2) help telcos and service providers deliver cloud platforms.

Where is CloudOps in the edge ecosystem?

CloudOps has built expertise supporting operators and enterprises with their cloud journeys through: cloud software products (edge orchestration platform, CloudMC), training workshops (helping businesses reach their cultural and technical goals), and managed services with their SOC-2 certified operations teams (offering support for customers throughout their cloud journey).

CloudOps has capabilities across 3 segments of the edge value chain

More on the edge value chain can be found in our Edge Ecosystem Tool.

What is CloudMC and how does it bring value at the edge?

CloudMC is CloudOps’ edge orchestration SaaS platform that enables and empowers communication service providers (CSPs) to deliver, operate and monetise B2B edge cloud services with API-driven orchestration. CloudMC solves some of the most challenging edge-to-cloud service delivery, operations, and monetisation challenges for service providers:

• Delivering a multi-vendor, multi-cloud and edge portfolio as-a-service with a uniquely consistent service provisioning and operations experience for enterprise users;
• Providing multi-level, multi-tenant reseller enablement with the ability to white label at every level of the tenant hierarchy;
• Leveraging advanced security, governance and authentication, so that product managers can get approval from their InfoSec teams;
• Uniformly logging activities across disparate edge-to-cloud and networking systems;
• Applying a variety of pricing models with automated metering and chargeback.

The platform’s plug-in-based framework makes it easy to quickly adopt new technologies including Azure, Kubernetes and private/edge cloud orchestrators – CloudMC has plug-ins for each of these and provides a single portal to break down siloes of multi-vendor solutions to avoid lock-in. It adopts a multi-level and multi-tenant framework, providing a software-defined layer to integrate hyperscale, on-premises, regional and MEC clouds with a secure data overlay.

CloudMC is an edge orchestration platform developed with operators

Source: CloudOps

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What kinds of companies does CloudOps seek to work with?

CloudOps has developed CloudMC with telecoms operators, regional cloud providers and managed service providers.

CloudOps works with partners at the application platform and infrastructure layers

Source: CloudOps

The platform is built for telcos and managed service providers. For example, regional service provider cloud.ca has been using CloudMC for over 5 years to deliver hybrid multi-cloud and network services to serve 100+ organisations across key industry verticals (including healthcare, financial services and public sector).

CloudOps’ solutions target various industries

What is CloudOps working on at the moment?

Following the development of CloudMC and work with industry customers (e.g. Montreal Heart Institute to deliver a private edge deployment), CloudOps’ focus for this year is to grow its deployments with telcos and build its partnerships across the edge ecosystem. With foundations in North America, it is seeking to expand into Latin America and Europe and is holding trials with SPs to offer B2B cloud services and MEC pilots in these regions.

Contact CloudOps to learn more: cloudmc.cloudops.com

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