AI research in telecoms uncovering solutions to key questions

Cut through the AI hype with STL Partners. Discover real opportunities, learn from peer successes, and build your organisation to fully harness AI’s potential.

STL Partners’ AI in telecoms research bundle delivers industry leading analysis, enabling telcos and their partners to cut through the noise and reveal the most valuable AI opportunities. This package includes in-depth reports, an extensive database, customisable presentations, and direct access to our analysts.


Nine up to date reports covering many key aspects of AI strategy, including the financial value of AI for telcos, how to build AI skills, and where to start with generative AI.


Understand the full range of beneficial gen AI use cases in telecoms and strategically prioritise the most impactful ones

Analyst access & briefings

Discuss the latest market developments and your AI strategies with industry leading experts. STL analysts can conduct webinars and workshops based on our existing research.

Topics Covered

Analyst time with STL AI experts

In addition to the tools, subscribers to the bundle have access to analyst time with some of the leading experts in the industry.

Rosalind Craven: Senior Analyst at STL. With 16 years in telecom analysis, Rosalind has specialized in consumer services, customer experience, and telecoms IT. She manages STL’s Executive Briefing Service and leads the strategy research agenda, focusing on industry transformation.

Marina Koytcheva: Research director at STL Partners. Marina has worked for over 18 years in the areas of strategy, products, forecasting and quantitative market research across numerous technology industry segments, with a focus on future trends. 

Will Davies: Will is a senior consultant at STL Partners working across a range of projects focusing on Telco Cloud and Edge Computing. Prior to joining STL Partners, Will worked in Financial Services consulting, where he gained experience leading workstreams in Digital and Transformation.

Charlotte Patrick: Charlotte is an associate analyst at STL Partners with 27 years of professional experience in strategy, marketing and finance. Most recently in the largest global technology analyst firm and previously two of the worlds largest global telecommunications companies

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