6G & 5G Standalone: Where will new network standards cut-in to the market?

5G is increasingly offering a performance uplift for customers, but where are the revolutionary new use cases?

What promise does 5G SA realistically offer, and should we already be looking to 6G?you choose?

In theory, 5G Standalone (SA) is an exciting prospect for telecoms operators. With many operators’ revenues from traditional connectivity beginning to stagnate, or even decline, there is increased pressure for operators to create differentiation and offer new services, including by expanding across the value chain from connectivity-only providers.

At the same time as 5GSA is getting closer to an addressable reality, the industry is starting to talk about 6G. What is it, and how might it change the game>

Talk to STL Analysts Emma Buckland, who leads our Telco Cloud Practice, and Distinguished Associate Dean Bubley who leads Network Futures. What are the opportunities for these new technologies and how might they manifest themselves?

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