Meet STL at MWC 2023

In a fast-changing innovation landscape, there’s only one place to keep pace and turn radical disruption into radical growth. So, join us at the world’s largest and most influential event for the connectivity industry.

STL Partners will be well-represented at this year’s event and we would love to meet you! Book time at MWC with one of our analysts for a specific topic briefing or just an informal chat.


STL Analysts attending MWC 2023

Book a briefing with our analysts at MWC

 Book time with our analysts at MWC to see how we can address new questions you’d like to explore and validate with an external expert opinion.​

To get you started, here are a few ideas we’d be happy to discuss with you and your team.

Metaverse & Web 3.0: What are the telco plays in the Coordination Age?​

​How does the enhanced virtual world relate to the changes in behaviours and demands in the physical world?

Why is a Metaverse strategy necessary for telcos, what are the options, and how do you choose?

Rosalind Craven, Senior Analyst

Sustainability in telecoms

​How can telcos and their partners work together to tackle scope 3 emissions?

Is there also an opportunity for telcos to help their customers lower their footprints, and what does a good “sustainability enablement service” look like?

Amy Cameron, Research Director​

TCO impact of becoming a cloud-native telco

​So far the costs of integrating solutions in a new and multi-vendor environment means that investments in telco cloud haven’t yet reduced network TCO. Our Open RAN ROI model helps clarify when returns will materialise for telcos.

Emma Buckland, Senior Analyst

Private networks: Where’s the real opportunity?​

​How to go to market with a private networks offering

How to accelerate adoption across different verticals and regions

Ahmed Ali, Senior Analyst

What will it take to grow consumer revenues?

​To grow their consumer revenues telcos must focus on solving consumers key pain points.

How can they leverage their reach and capabilities to bring innovative services to consumers in energy, cybersecurity, lifestyle and digital identity?

Liam Mimnagh, Senior Analyst​

The state of transformation

​To drive growth in an unpredictable future, telcos must become adaptive organisations that can change alongside their customers’ needs.

Transformation is not about using tech to do the same things differently, but actually doing different things to get where they want to go. Are you treading a new path?

Nicola Warren, Senior Analyst