Meet STL at MWC 2022

The theme of MWC 2022 is Connected Impact. The programme will explore how AI, 5G, Big Data, and IoT will shape the future and continue to transform lives.

STL Partners will be well represented at this year’s event and we would love to meet you! Book time at MWC with one of our analysts for a specific topic briefing or just an informal chat.

Book a briefing with our analysts at MWC


Book time with our analysts at MWC to see how we can address new questions you’d like to explore and validate with an external expert opinion.​

To get you started, here are a few ideas we’d be happy to discuss with you and your team.

Sustainability: How can telcos exceed investor and customer expectations?​

How do different operators globally stand on sustainability?​
How can telcos help their customers reach net-zero?​

Grace Donnelly, Senior Consultant
Amy Cameron, Principal Analyst​
Alice Wood, Analyst

What is the edge market worth to telcos?

Analysis of 20 use cases across 16 verticals​
How does revenue break down across the value chain?​

Dalia Adib, Consulting Director​
Ahmed Ali, Senior Analyst​
Emma Buckland, Senior Analyst​
Tilly Gilbert, Principal Consultant​

Disruptive threats and opportunities in consumer​

Telco super apps: convergence with ecommerce & fintech
How AI & automation are changing telcos’ relationship with customers

Charlotte Patrick, Associate Senior Analyst
Liam Mimnagh, Senior Analyst