5G deployment: Strategies to make the business case

Our webinar looked at near-term deployment and how to monetise 5G

How do telcos make 5G a commercial success?

First broadcast: 30 January 2019

Telcos are held back by a traditional business model that demands high shareholder value and tightening opex. So ‘just 5G’ will not drive growth. But rebalancing opex and capex spend to invest in platforms and services could drive revenue & growth. 

In this webinar, we not only cover the likely near-term and long-term deployments for 5G but how infrastructure changes could and should be monetised.


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Our presenters


Chris Barraclough, Partner & Director

Chris brings over 20 years’ experience in strategic consulting and financial analysis to his presentations. He’s worked directly with clients from the telecoms, media and tech sector and brings unique insight into the challenges of internal culture and in-depth knowledge of global markets


Dave Burstein, Editor, Wireless One

Dave has interviewed some of the big names in telecoms and is plugged into the detail of tech changes. His insight is backed up by data and talking to those in the field.

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