STL Partners Webinar

​​Network innovation: What’s in store for 2024?​

Wednesday, November 29, 2023 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM GMT

In this webinar, we will pull insights from our recently relaunched Network Innovation practice and present our views on the latest trends that will shake and shape networking in the next 5 years:

In this webinar, STL will discuss:

  • vRAN and open RAN: With brownfield commercial deployments underway and major NEPs jumping on the open RAN bandwagon, things seem to have got moving in 2023. But have they and what is the outlook? (With insights from our Telco Cloud Deployment Tracker)
  • AI in telco networks: What are the use cases and the implementation challenges, and where should telcos and their vendors start?
  • Telco cloud: public or private: Is the public cloud ready for network workloads, and what are the risks and challenges for telcos in relying on hyperscalers for this most critical aspect of their business?
  • Satellite connectivity: Rising star or pie in the sky? Some key insights from our latest report on the impact of NTNs on the telco business.


  • Emma Buckland, Principal Analyst, Consulting, STL Partners
  • David Martin, Senior Analyst, STL Partners
  • Joe Hurman, Senior Consultant, STL Partners

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