Edge IoT platforms webinar 2: Is there such a thing as an edge IoT platform?

Thu, Jun 1, 2023 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM BST

The addressable market for edge enabled IoT use cases is likely to grow to $86 billion by 2026, nearly a fivefold increase on today’s figure, according to STL’s edge market forecast. This is reflective of the boom in demand for IoT use cases and the exponential rise in data collected globally via IoT devices, meaning it’s becoming increasingly necessary to process and analyse data closer to the edge to achieve benefits such as data sovereignty, high reliability and low latency. However, vendors have struggled to build platforms that can cope with IoT demands in all verticals, reflected by Google’s recent move to discontinue their Cloud IoT Core platform.

With IoT platforms growing in complexity and scale across geographies, number of devices and volume of data generated, architects are looking to edge computing to help mitigate against this complexity. There is an increasing need for platforms that are capable of not just collecting data but turning this raw data into insight without sending the significant volumes of data collected to the cloud. However, there still seems to be no consensus on whether the concept of a converged ‘edge IoT platform’ exists today, if there is demand for it, or how such a co-deployment of edge and IoT should be designed and architected to ensure enterprises achieve their desired benefits.

This webinar will explore the following questions:

  • Is there (or should there be) such a thing as a converged edge IoT platform?
  • Which customer requirements are needed to optimise platforms for edge enabled IoT use cases?
  • How can platform design and architecture be optimised for different edge IoT use cases?


  • Andrew Keene, Senior Director of Product Management, Volt Active Data
  • Dalia Adib, Director, Consulting, STL Partners
  • Will Davies, Consultant, STL Partners