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Forthcoming webinars

Connectivity providers face a rising demand for data, driven by evolving societal and technological trends. Consumers aim to harmonize work, family, health, and lifestyle goals, while organizations strive to enable remote work, boost productivity, attract talent, and reduce environmental impact. The boom in consumer and enterprise AI applications further complicates matters. Amidst these shifts, uncertainty looms over whether networks can sustain the impending surge in data demand.

In recent years, connectivity providers have invested significantly in their networks and data centres to accommodate data demand growth fuelled primarily by the expansion of enterprise IT and consumer media applications. However, future growth is expected to be exponential and will unfold in an unpredictable way. Adaptation is essential; hence network architectures and platforms must match this demand, all whilst minimising carbon emissions.

To address these challenges, the STL team will be joined by a panel of experts across the networking ecosystem to answer the following questions:
  • What are the drivers of rapidly changing consumer and enterprise demand for connectivity and how can the ecosystem anticipate those changes?
  • How can connectivity providers visualise the ‘network of the future’ that can accommodate customer needs without compromising on sustainability?
  • How can connectivity providers refine the way they invest in and design networks and operating models to capitalise on the rapidly expanding demand for data?
Date: Thursday 12 September 2024
Time: 4pm BST

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Previous webinars

Many telcos have adopted ambitious net-zero targets. Some are making good progress, while others lack ways to tackle this transition systematically; but everyone can do even better.

Please join us at our upcoming webinar “Progressing to net-zero: A blueprint from Singtel” on Wednesday, 10th July, at 3:00 PM GMT / 4:00 PM CET / 10:00 AM EST.

At this webinar we will share the findings from our recent research looking at Singtel and its pioneering sustainability strategy. Notably there are three key questions we will answer:
  • Why is it important for telcos to identify climate-related risks and opportunities?
  • How has Singtel embedded sustainability within its entire organisation?
  • How does systematic climate-related reporting help telcos on the road towards net-zero?
Date: Wednesday 10 July 2024
Time: 3pm BST

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Private networks are transforming enterprise operations across industries. Many service and technology providers including telcos, vendors, system integrators and hyperscalers have joined the market and are eager to capture the opportunity and accelerate the adoption of private networks.

In this webinar we highlight the findings of our latest private networks market forecast. Drawing from our analysis and industry insights, we'll examine the recent developments of the private networks market and how we expect the opportunity to grow.

During the session, we'll discuss questions such as:
  • What is the projected growth of private networks from now until 2030 and what is driving the revenue opportunity?
  • What are the primary sectors driving the adoption of private networks?
  • What are the main challenges hindering the large-scale adoption, and how can they be addressed?
  • ow does the emergence of hybrid private networks and network slicing impact the development and deployment of private networks?
Date: Tuesday 2 July 2024
Time: 3pm BST

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In this webinar, we will pull insights from our recently published network API monetisation forecast, putting some numbers to one of the hottest current trends in telecoms. The webinar will touch on:
  • APIs: the new label for 5G monetisation? Are network APIs a product or a service? What are they enabling and why is the time right this time to make them stick?
  • Going beyond CPaaS: The focus so far has been on telcos reclaiming a share of the CPaaS market with APIs that share information to address anti-fraud use cases. These do present short-term revenue opportunity but longer-term growth will come from more advanced APIs that enable network instruction and configuration. The industry has less clarity on those today and our webinar will.
  • Use cases driving revenue: Headline-grabbing use cases demonstrate the technical capabilities of the network instruction and configuration APIs but our model uncovers less-talked about use cases that will drive the real money.
  • Monetisation channels and enablement value: Telcos and partners are least clear today on the commercial models and how value will be extracted from APIs. How are the various aggregation and wholesale models shaping up and can telcos avoid past mistakes of being reduced to dumb pipes? Where and how should telcos focus direct plays? What value do APIs enable in other services such as private networks and edge computing?
Date: Thursday 27 June 2024
Time: 3pm BST

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Telcos have been using machine learning and AI for many years but ChatGPT’s release and recent advancements in the availability and capabilities of AI has led to an acceleration in adoption.

AI evangelists promise autonomous networks, leaner operations, and enhanced customer experience. However, several unique challenges exist that are disrupting telco AI progress. These include, financial uncertainty, convoluted legacy technology, skill and capabilities gaps and heightened regulatory and ethical scrutiny.

To help us separate fact from fiction, we’ve held extensive conversations with 21 senior telco executives and completed a survey with 100+ telco respondents.

This webinar will present survey findings which address the following topics:
  • AI strategies that balance risk and innovation
  • Current telco use case maturity, and those that telcos should prioritise
  • Challenges raised by AI adoption
  • The role of partners in accelerating telco AI progress
Date: Wednesday 26 June 2024
Time: 4pm BST

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There is a lot of talk in the telecom industry about AI. But which telcos are making the best use of AI, and how?

Join us at this webinar on Wednesday, 12 June, as we explore the progress of telcos in adopting AI.

We will be discussing:
  • Key areas, in which telcos already use any existing flavour of AI (not just generative AI!)
  • Potential use cases for generative AI specifically
  • Examples of early adoption of generative AI in telcos
  • Next priorities
Date: Wednesday 12 June 2024
Time: 3pm BST

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As enterprises increasingly explore digital transformation practices, the demand for cloud services continues to grow. Many enterprises are reliant on cloud services for data storage, computing capabilities, and content distribution.

STL conducted a recent survey, which found that almost 90% of enterprises had experienced rising cloud costs in the last 2 years. This rise is centred around greater data storage and data transfer requirements.

In this webinar, we will use the survey insights to explore the deployment of distributed edge solutions as a viable mitigation strategy. We'll delve into the burgeoning interest surrounding distributed edge solutions, which offer flexibility, security, and cost efficiencies not achievable through a traditional cloud model.

Key questions we'll explore include:
  • What are the key challenges enterprises currently have with their IT architecture?
  • What are the key costs enterprises are experiencing with the cloud?
  • What are the advantages of pursuing a distributed edge model for enterprises?
Date: Tuesday 28 May 2024
Time: 2pm BST

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During this webinar, STL Partners will delve into the transformative potential of AI in the telecommunications industry. Drawing from in-depth conversations with over 20 global operators, we will explore how AI is being employed across various operational domains, from internal facing to customer-facing activities, and the strategic approaches guiding telcos’ adoption of AI.

Through presentations and panel discussions, we aim to answer key questions such as:
  • What are the key value levers and quick wins for AI in telcos, with best-practice case studies
  • What regional trends are observed in the telcos’ AI journey?
  • What commercial, technical and regulatory challenges are operators needing to overcome?
Date: Tuesday 21 May 2024
Time: 2pm BST

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In a saturated consumer market, deciding where to invest to maximize ARPU is critical. As standard services like triple and quad-play offer less opportunity, telcos face the challenge of identifying which emerging services can significantly enhance their revenue streams and customer value. In this context, telcos must identify services, like cybersecurity, that leverage convenience for the consumer.

In this session, STL Partners will share insights from a comprehensive research study, including a conjoint analysis survey of c.2,000 US and EU consumers, pinpointing where telcos should be investing to enhance consumer value and grow ARPU. We will deep-dive into consumer sentiment on high-growth domains such as cybersecurity, cloud gaming, and other digital services, to assess their quantified value potential as bundled, add-on and combined services.

Date: Monday 13 May 2024
Time: 5pm BST

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STL Partners recently conducted interviews with operators internationally to gather their views on the role of network automation in meeting their sustainability targets. While both automation and sustainability are pivotal topics in the telecoms industry, operators typically treat them as separate endeavours, missing opportunities for synergistic emission reductions.

As operators move closer to net zero, achieving (and maintaining) emissions reductions becomes increasingly challenging, especially once operators have picked the ‘low-hanging fruit’. Operators must transition to more complex initiatives, which requires integrating and coordinating sustainability across all operations, beginning with core telco practices such as network automation.

Join this webinar to:
  • Hear from operators regarding their views of the role of automaton in meeting sustainability targets
  • Learn about key automation applications and how they can deliver emissions savings for operators
  • Discuss how operators can maximise sustainability outcomes in their network automation journeys
Date: Tuesday 30 April 2024
Time: 3pm BST

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All enterprises are facing an imperative to modernise triggering the move to the cloud, reshaping their demands and opening new opportunities for telcos. Secure and reliable connectivity is a critical first step in the enterprise cloud journey; offering operators the opportunity to offer other cloud products and services to support this transition, and sets the stage for longer term growth opportunities such as data & AI.

However, to date, operators have struggled to know where to place their bets on trying to build cloud skills and leverage their unique strengths with different customer segments effectively.

To seize these opportunities effectively, operators must pivot towards creating compelling enterprise cloud propositions and build their reputation as valuable partners in the cloud transformation journey. So, how can operators build a winning enterprise cloud-centric proposition? What is the roadmap to cloud and beyond?

In this webinar, we outline our findings from a recent enterprise survey with 1200 respondents globally evaluating the adoption of and demand for cloud IT services.

We will discuss:
  • How are enterprise cloud trends are driving new opportunities for telcos?
  • A deep dive into different B2B cloud strategies to target growth
  • How can telcos evolve their role with enterprises to open the door to longer term growth opportunities such as data & AI?
Date: Thursday 18 April 2024
Time: 3pm BST

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The past 12 months have been an exciting time for those interested in AI, with genAI becoming a frequent topic in business and consumer worlds. The telecoms ecosystem stands to benefit extensively from this opportunity, with the scale and complexity of use cases creating the perfect environment to realise the benefits of AI.

However, the path to realising value is not necessarily a smooth one, and the telecoms industry’s ongoing scepticism over the benefits of network cloudification and hyperscaler partnerships block arguably the smoothest pathway to realising value from AI.

The mobile industry’s biggest event, MWC, is capitalising on the hype, with a raft of AI announcements and demos likely. In addition to AI, the key themes of the event include connected industries, gaming-changing innovation, industry 4.0 and 5G (unsurprisingly). It will also be an opportunity to see progress on last year’s headline themes, such as network APIs.

In this webinar, STL Partners will be exploring key trends from MWC, with a focus on AI and the extent to which the conference demonstrates operators moving from discovery to delivery in their AI deployment journey. We will aim to answer the following questions:
  • What were the key highlights from MWC and to what extent has the industry moved on from last year?
  • In which domains can operators expect to realise the most value from AI adoption?
  • How can operators navigate these challenges to realise value from the raft of new use cases and technologies discussed at MWC?
  • What are the key blockers to realising value from AI across internal skills, digital infrastructure and partnerships?
Date: Wednesday 27 March 2024
Time: 1pm GMT

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Please join us at our upcoming webinar “The Telco-to-Techco transformation: Are telcos building strategic capabilities fast enough?” on Wednesday, 20 March, at 3:00 PM GMT / 4:00 PM CET / 11:00 AM EDT.

At this webinar, we will discuss the gap in capabilities between major telecom operators and the main technology giants (techcos), and indicate where telcos should focus to facilitate their transformation.

We will explore these key questions, delving into the findings from our Future Skills Tracker:
  • Why building future skills is a strategic board-level issue for telcos?
  • How does the gap in internal capabilities help to explain the gulf between the growth of telcos and that of techcos?
  • How many years behind Internet giants are telcos?
  • Which transformational capabilities should telcos focus on to be successful in the future?
  • Which telcos and techcos lead the way when it comes to building the right internal skills for success?
Date: Wednesday 20 March 2024
Time: 3pm GMT

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The market for enterprise edge IoT is set to eclipse 140 billion USD by 2030 as shown in STL Partners’ edge market sizing forecast. To achieve or exceed this projection, the ecosystem must focus on closing a significant capability gap that currently exists. Arguably the most critical capability required to catalyse and accelerate market growth is the integration of automation, data analytics, and AI (A3) into edge IoT deployments.

In this webinar, we’ll address the pressing need for A3 integration in edge IoT, exploring why enterprises are falling short and what capabilities they need to bridge this divide. We’ll also discuss the role of the edge IoT ecosystem in facilitating this transformation, supporting enterprises in tapping into the full potential of IoT.

Key questions we’ll explore include:
  • What value opportunities are there in enterprise edge IoT, and how can edge computing and A3 technologies help businesses tap into them?
  • How can enterprises overcome challenges in integrating A3 technologies to unlock the full potential of IoT?
  • What role does the edge IoT ecosystem need to play to better support businesses in adopting A3 technologies and IoT solutions?
Date: Tuesday, 12 March 2024
Time: 4pm GMT

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In the first webinar in this series, we discussed the rising need for sustainable solutions among European enterprises. Now, join us for a follow-up session as we delve into how telcos can address this demand and drive green revenues. We'll validate our initial findings with results from interviews and a survey of 200+ enterprises, focusing on actionable strategies for telcos in sustainable product development.

Through presentations and a panel discussion with CSPs we will explore key questions such as:
  • What actionable strategies can telcos adopt to tailor offerings and meet diverse sustainability needs?
  • How can sustainable product development positively contribute to telcos' commitment to environmental responsibility?
  • What challenges might telcos encounter, and how can these challenges be overcome?
Date: Tuesday, 20 February 2024
Time: 1pm GMT

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The private networks market promises the telecoms industry a significant opportunity to drive growth in 5G and edge.

However, to date, the majority of deployments have not been at commercial scale – most have been PoCs with major corporates, involving a high-level of bespoke integration, with limited adoption in the mid-market.

In order to drive scalability, and capture a share of the promised opportunity, telcos and their vendor partners must find a way to make private network propositions attractive to small and mid-market businesses…

This could include:
  • Investing in hybrid and slice models for delivery​
  • Building private networks “as a service” propositions to limit upfront capex
  • Adopting open ecosystem models to address fragmentation
  • Working with partners to build in horizontal scalability
Date: Thursday, 25 January 2024
Time: 3pm GMT

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Sustainability is not just a buzzword; it's a top priority for European enterprises as they work towards a greener future while navigating increasing regulatory pressures. Telcos can play a vital role in supporting these sustainability efforts. However, there is a notable knowledge gap when it comes to understanding how enterprises are approaching sustainability and the specific support required to help them achieve their net-zero targets.​

In this upcoming webinar, we leverage findings from interviews and a survey with 200+ enterprises to explore what support enterprises are seeking from the telecoms industry for their net zero aspirations, and how CSPs can capitalise on the opportunity presented by the growing demand for sustainable solutions. We will answer the following questions:​
  • How are enterprises prioritising sustainability and how does this vary by vertical?​
  • What support are enterprises looking for from vendors in the move to net zero?​
  • How can telcos tailor their offerings to better meet the sustainability needs of businesses?
Date: Thursday, 14 December 2023
Time: 1pm GMT

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Telcos and vendors have invested significantly in their private network offerings over the past few years. This has seemed a safe bet, with private networks promising to accelerate digital transformation across verticals, and therefore offering telcos a way to monetise 5G in the enterprise space.

However, the market has not achieved the growth that many providers had bet on in recent years. While there has been a lot of activity, the vast majority of deployments have been PoCs and only a limited number have scaled to commercial, production level... So, what can telcos and their partners do to overcome the barriers to scale and accelerate the market - realising a portion of the promised billion dollar opportunity?

In this webinar, we will explore how providers can capitalise on the opportunity by overcoming supply and demand side barriers to drive scale in the market. The key questions we’re looking to answer include:
  • Which use cases and verticals have been driving growth in 2023?
  • What are the critical supply side barriers to growth?
  • What are the demand side barriers to growth and concerns prospective customers are raising?
  • How can providers overcome these barriers to accelerate the market and capture their share?
Date: Tuesday, 12 December 2023
Time: 4pm GMT

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STL forecasts that there are over 400 commercially available network edge sites globally today. But, for edge computing to deliver truly differentiated application performances, many more sites will need to be invested in. In this webinar, STL will discuss:
  • The 2023 update to STL’s network edge data centre forecast including results from our annual industry survey
  • Discussion on the most common challenges in network edge rollout and how to overcome them
  • Exploration of new partnership models for funding network edge rollout
Date: Tuesday, 5 December 2023
Time: 4pm GMT

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In this webinar, we will pull insights from our recently relaunched Network Innovation practice and present our views on the latest trends that will shake and shape networking in the next 5 years:
  • vRAN and open RAN: With brownfield commercial deployments underway and major NEPs jumping on the open RAN bandwagon, things seem to have got moving in 2023. But have they and what is the outlook? (With insights from our Telco Cloud Deployment Tracker)
  • AI in telco networks: What are the use cases and the implementation challenges, and where should telcos and their vendors start?
  • Telco cloud: public or private: Is the public cloud ready for network workloads, and what are the risks and challenges for telcos in relying on hyperscalers for this most critical aspect of their business?
  • Satellite connectivity: Rising star or pie in the sky? Some key insights from our latest report on the impact of NTNs on the telco business.
Date: Wednesday, 29 November 2023
Time: 4pm GMT

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Systemic cross-domain automation of network operations is not easy. It requires change to organization, processes, tools, and requires new skillsets and different incentives. Those who achieve cross-domain automation first will create massive costs savings, drive new customer benefits and innovation as well as industry winning competitive advantage for their organizations.

If you work in network operations and want to gain professional advantage, join us for this webinar on Thursday 23rd November.

The session will focus on how to best manage the highly complicated transition, with speed, discipline, and control, based on real world experiences including:
  • Coping with existing complicated legacy operations while adding next generation cloud-native architectures and containerized workloads running on both public and private clouds
  • Radically reducing time to Root Cause Analysis (RCA), Insight Analysis (IA), and Next Best Actions (NBA)
  • Introduction of Machine Learning (ML) to spot anomalies and using Artificial Intelligence (AI) for smart NBA execution
  • Rapid deployment of new functions, products, and services, as well as in the agile allocation of both human and technological resources
  • Organization wide governance of automation as a cross-domain first class citizen of operations
Date: Tuesday, 21 November 2023
Time: 4pm GMT

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By integrating advanced technologies and data-driven solutions into traditional infrastructure, smart infrastructure solutions can enhance efficiency, sustainability, and overall functionality. In this webinar, we will explore different examples of smart infrastructure, including smart cites and smart buildings, and discuss the importance of edge computing in enabling these solutions.

This webinar will cover:
  • Smart infrastructure use cases (including smart city and smart buildings)
  • The importance of edge computing in enabling smart infrastructure
  • Case studies of smart infrastructure
Date: Thursday, 2 November 2023
Time: 4pm GMT

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Telecoms operators face an immense challenge in their journey to net zero. The growth in network traffic is showing no signs of slowing down and is forecasted to increase 20% to 40% annually. Furthermore, the shifting landscape of consumption patterns has given rise to a surge of traffic originating and terminating within the metro network. STL Partners estimates a staggering threefold increase in metro network traffic by 2030.

Against the backdrop of this exponential growth, the need to curtail emissions and to make the network sustainable becomes paramount. These challenges are not dissimilar to those faced by cloud providers; however, operators are currently trailing behind. To effectively navigate this maze of massive growth in scale and fulfil their ambitious sustainability commitments, operators must embrace the examples set by both cloud providers and leading operators.

In this webinar, we will discuss:
  • How should operators better incorporate energy and sustainability goals into their metro networks?​
  • What are the best practices that operators should incorporate in their networks?
  • What are the insights and key learnings from leading operators and cloud providers?
Date: Tuesday, 24 October 2023 (APAC)
Time: 4:00 PM AEST / 2:00 PM SGT / 11:30 AM IST


Date: Tuesday, 24 October 2023 (EMEA/NA)
Time: 3:00 PM BST / 4:00 PM CEST / 10:00 AM EDT

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Web 3.0 promises to revolutionise the way that people consume the internet​.

But with its fundamental architecture change, it will require a fundamentally different set of underlying enablers and resources – if this is not solved then web 3.0 may continue to be “a good idea on paper” but not reach its full potential​.

In this webinar, we will draw on our extensive work in edge and cloud computing to consider the web 3.0 opportunity for operators and technology players. ​

We will explore:​
  • Key challenges and opportunities of web 3.0​
  • A deep-dive into the role edge computing can play in enhancing and delivering web 3.0 infrastructure and services​
  • The ecosystem of players that will need to collaborate to deliver an edge-enabled web 3.0​​
  • Where next for the industry​
Date: Tuesday, 10 October 2023
Time: 4pm BST

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Designing monetisation, partnership and go-to-market models to succeed in an increasingly crowded market

The market for edge-enabled IoT use cases is expected to grow from $18 billion in 2022 to $86 billion in 2026, according to STL Partners’ forecasts. This growth is being pushed forward by a variety of key use cases like video ingest and analytics for production & maintenance and automated guided vehicles. This variety within the edge IoT ecosystem, while beneficial for the overall value of the market, also brings complexity, with many different types of business models prevalent across the different elements of the edge and IoT value chain.

However, vendors who have tried to build end-to-end platforms across the value chain and all verticals have struggled. In August 2023, Google retired their Cloud IoT platform after six years of existence, citing that their customers could be better served by their network partners that concentrate on specific IoT applications and services. Their reasoning suggests that an end-to-end approach that attempts to span across the entire value chain has limited success. So, if an end-to-end solution has not proved a success for such a major technology name, what are the winning business models that edge IoT players should be adopting?

We’ll cover this, and more, in our upcoming webinar, looking at:
  • What business models exist within different parts of the edge IoT value chain?
  • What partnership models piece together different elements of the value chain into a market-facing solution?
  • How are winning edge IoT business models tailored for different verticals and use cases?
Date: Thursday, 5 October 2023
Time: 4pm BST

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Interest in AI following the release of Open AI’s GPT 3 has lit the world on fire. Investors and decision-makers spanning industries are accelerating their investment in the problem-solving technology, hoping it can cut costs and boost productivity.

But where does edge come into the equation?

Edge permits enterprises to run mission-critical applications through the AI effectively, accommodating for use cases with low latency and high bandwidth. Given the significant concerns around data security and cloud costs, edge can unlock the potential that these models create.

In this webinar, we will cover:
  • What is edge AI?​
  • How does edge computing benefit AI use cases?
  • Is AI increasing the demand for edge from enterprise and application developers?
  • How does the ecosystem prepare for this technology wave?
Date: Thursday, 28 September 2023
Time: 2pm BST

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Consumers are not only increasingly living their lives online but are also surrounded by smart home technology, expanding the attack surface for malicious actors. These threats are even more prominent as a result of shifting consumer attitudes towards hybrid working and a heightened awareness of data privacy; which is demanding sophisticated cybersecurity protection.​

In a market with a high volume of free cybersecurity services and a number of consumer safety players offering premium digital life protections, how can telcos carve out an opportunity in the consumer market?​

In this webinar, we discuss:​
  • How consumer trends are driving new opportunities for telcos​
  • A deep-dive into telco’s current consumer portfolios and commercial models​
  • How can telcos create a mass-market cybersecurity service to drive consumer revenue
Date: Tuesday, 26 September 2023
Time: 4pm BST

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To sell private networks, telcos must seek to understand their target enterprise customers, their vertical-specific requirements, and their business priorities. Many enterprises are not aware of the use cases and significant competitive advantages that private networks can unlock for their businesses.

In this webinar, we discuss how telcos can develop their vertical-specific expertise and tailor their private networks proposition to effectively communicate the benefits to their manufacturing customers and capture one of the leading sectors for private networks.

We will focus on:
  • The importance of understanding the nuances of the manufacturing customer base
  • How to identify key customer needs and deliver a solution that addresses their pain points
  • Potential private network deployment strategies
  • How to best engage manufacturing customers to translate the benefits of private networking
Date: Tuesday, 12 September 2023
Time: 4pm BST

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As the core connectivity market continues to stagnate, telcos are increasingly looking for new digital consumer services to expand their offering and provide new revenue streams.

The live events market is on a strong growth trajectory, expecting to reach over 5billion USD by 2024 (Statista). This webinar will explore how telcos can capture this opportunity and offer a deep dive into the five key telco strategies we have identified to capture the live sports and entertainment market.

The webinar will answer the following questions:
  • What are the key trends in live experiences?
  • Who are the key players in the live experience ecosystem?
  • What roles can telcos play?
  • What are some key case studies from leading operators?
  • How do they choose and what are the key factors for success?
Date: Thursday, 24 August 2023
Time: 4pm BST

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Many telcos recognise that sustainability is an urgent strategic priority. But for the most part, the degree to which sustainability is prioritised across corporate activities fails to reflect the scale of the risks associated with not acting, and the potential opportunities to be unlocked by focusing on sustainability.

In this webinar we discuss how leading telcos are embedding sustainability throughout their operations and learn about the key actions and KPIs that can drive success in this area. Whether your telco is already on a mature sustainability journey or just beginning to develop its sustainability agenda, this webinar will provide valuable insights and recommendations for all stages of the spectrum.

We will discuss:
  • What best practice and next practice for sustainability looks like for teams across a telco (including network, IT, procurement, finance, consumer and enterprise)
  • The actions and associated KPIs individual business units must take on to prioritise sustainability day-to-day
  • Insights and key learnings from our industry expert from Orange
Date: Thursday, 27 July, 2023
Time: 3pm BST

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This webinar will look at the strategies service providers can take to have success at the on-premise edge. This webinar will explore a range of different business models and the opportunities and difficulties of each, as well as deep-diving on the opportunity presented by AI/ML applications.

This webinar will look at:
  • Different business models to monetise edge
  • The importance of AI/ML use cases to enterprises
  • The challenges in delivering AI/ML applications.
Date: Wednesday, 19 July, 2023
Time: 4pm BST

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The telecoms industry has long been talking about the network providing greater value and unlocking opportunities around 5G, edge computing, network slicing, network-as-a-service and more. However, underpinning these opportunities is the assumption of a dynamic network that can seamlessly deliver, manage and orchestrate the heterogeneity of services that customers are asking for.

The concept of network automation is certainly not new to the industry, so how far are we from the vision of greater network programmability and “servability” for customers? What needs to happen in order for us to unlock the potential value for customers?

In this webinar, we will cover:
  • The role of network automation in enabling telcos to address new growth opportunities in 5G network slicing, edge compute, NaaS (and more!)
  • Where the telecoms industry is today in achieving end-to-end network automation and zero-touch and what outcomes have been achieved so far
  • What processes and use cases should be prioritised for automation
  • What key challenges/obstacles telcos face and how to overcome these
Date: Wednesday, 12 July, 2023
Time: 3pm BST

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Private networks (LTE/5G) and edge computing are starting to unlock significant innovations and business outcomes for enterprise customers and opportunities for telco operators to pursue roles beyond connectivity. But the opportunity is still nascent.

Most of the value still sits in the application layer, in enabling new types of use cases or enhancing the way that existing ones are delivered. Given the heterogeneity in customers across verticals and relevant use cases, telcos must identify key target segments and engage with relevant ecosystem partners to bring compelling end-to-end solutions to market. Telcos must also find successful ways of working with these partners to be able to address this opportunity.

In this webinar, we discuss the following:
  • Current state of the private networks and edge market today
  • Key verticals/use cases that drive current and future private 5G/LTE and edge adoption
  • What the private LTE/5G and edge ecosystem looks like
  • What the potential telco roles are in this ecosystem
  • How telcos can become better partners and key lessons from others
Date: Wednesday, 28 June, 2023
Time: 6AM BST

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The long-standing business model of telcos, heavily reliant on physical infrastructure and single-vendor partnerships, is no longer sustainable. With shrinking profit margins and the emergence of technology players operating in a more nimble and open manner, telcos recognize the urgent need for transformation.

At the heart of this transformation lies a fundamental change in mindset – putting the customer front and center. Telcos are awakening to the realization that they must adapt and learn from these technology-native players, adopting their agile working processes and reaping the benefits of increased profitability. In this webinar, we will explore how telcos are embracing the concept of becoming "techcos" and the pivotal role that customer-centricity plays in this transition.

During our session, we will dive deep into the strategies telcos are adopting to interact more closely with their customers. We will also explore:
  • New trends in telco cloud deployment: Who is doing what, where, and how do companies compare?
  • How does the industry define a “techco”?
  • What does it mean to focus on the customer for a modern telco?
  • Which operators are leading the market when it comes to this transition?
  • How can technology enable this shift in mindset? Is cloud native a prerequisite for a techco organisation?
Date: Thursday, 22 June, 2023
Time: 1pm BST

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Many telcos talk about turning to the Enterprise Sector as the most viable source of growth and commercial renewal, but needs and business models are developing fast, and leading operators are making significant plays.

In this webinar we will help telcos and their partners understand the big picture and the most favourable opportunities. It will help technology teams place their work in a business context and commercial teams to appreciate how technologies contribute to the strategic picture. It will cover:
  • What do Enterprises want overall?
  • How do they see telecoms – and telcos – in this context?
  • What is the “size of the prize” in different areas?
  • What kind of roles and industries can telcos realistically play in – and how?
  • Illustrative examples and analysis of telco roles in: Vertical specific plays, APIs, Private Networks, Edge Computing, Private Networking and Data-Driven business
Date: Tuesday, 20 June, 2023
Time: 3PM BST

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As connectivity becomes ever more integral to enterprises’ operations, network APIs have emerged as a highly anticipated means for telcos to monetise their 5G investments while meeting customer needs. In this webinar we explore:
  • The current state of the market
  • Which APIs will be most valuable in the short and long term
  • The risk/reward of emerging commercial models
Date: Thursday, 15 June, 2023
Time: 4pm BST

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The Telco Cloud Deployment Tracker and the Open RAN ROI Tool are two of the most popular tools of STL Partners’ Telco Cloud Insights Service. In this 40-minute webinar, we show how telcos and vendors can use both tools in their day-to-day work to identify key trends and draw insights with direct impact on their business:
  • New trends in telco cloud deployment: Who is doing what, where, and how do companies compare?
  • 5G SA, migration of network workloads to public cloud, and virtualisation of the RAN: What we see in our tracker
  • Virtualising and disaggregating the RAN: What migration paths and how long to pay back?
  • Status update on new tools for 2023.
Date: Thursday, 8 June, 2023
Time: 3pm BST

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As the core connectivity market continues to stagnate, telcos are increasingly looking for new digital consumer services to expand their offering and provide new revenue streams. This webinar will offer a deep dive into digital service telcos can offer in the gaming space, and insights into six telco strategies to capture the gaming opportunity. To succeed with a gaming strategy, telcos need an understanding of the fundamentals of the gaming market, and where they could fit into it.

In this webinar we will help telcos understand which are the most favourable opportunities for them, and the important factors for launching a successful service by answering these key questions.
  • What are the key trends in gaming?
  • Who are the key players in gaming value chains
  • Who are gamers and how do they play?
  • What roles can telcos play?
  • How do they choose and what are the key factors for success?
Date: Tuesday, 6 June, 2023
Time: 3pm BST

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The addressable market for edge enabled IoT use cases is likely to grow to $86 billion by 2026, nearly a fivefold increase on today’s figure, according to STL’s edge market forecast. This is reflective of the boom in demand for IoT use cases and the exponential rise in data collected globally via IoT devices, meaning it’s becoming increasingly necessary to process and analyse data closer to the edge to achieve benefits such as data sovereignty, high reliability and low latency. However, vendors have struggled to build platforms that can cope with IoT demands in all verticals, reflected by Google's recent move to discontinue their Cloud IoT Core platform.

With IoT platforms growing in complexity and scale across geographies, number of devices and volume of data generated, architects are looking to edge computing to help mitigate against this complexity. There is an increasing need for platforms that are capable of not just collecting data but turning this raw data into insight without sending the significant volumes of data collected to the cloud. However, there still seems to be no consensus on whether the concept of a converged ‘edge IoT platform’ exists today, if there is demand for it, or how such a co-deployment of edge and IoT should be designed and architected to ensure enterprises achieve their desired benefits.

This webinar will explore the following questions:
  • Is there (or should there be) such a thing as a converged edge IoT platform?
  • Which customer requirements are needed to optimise platforms for edge enabled IoT use cases?
  • How can platform design and architecture be optimised for different edge IoT use cases?
Date: Wednesday, 31 May, 2023
Time: 4pm BST

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The edge has brought a lot of promised value for enterprises, however the reality has been more tricky. Enterprises are promised high-value, new use cases but face significant challenges when deploying them. It is the role of channel partners to build effective edge platforms to allow their customers to unlock the edge opportunity.

This webinar will seek to investigate:
  • Which use cases can add the most value for enterprises at the edge?
  • What are the major challenges faced by enterprises when deploying edge?
  • What role can delivery partners play to help them to navigate them successfully?
Date: Thursday, 18 May, 2023
Time: 4pm BST

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Telecom operators have heavily invested in rolling out 5G infrastructure, including 5GSA core network functions. Whilst the technological advances are evident, the ways in which they generate an adequate return on their investments are less clear-cut. The answer lies in 5G’s ability to launch entirely new service offerings, use cases and business models.

5G network slicing presents one such opportunity for CSPs to differentiate and capture new revenue streams. We will explore the opportunity unlocked by 5G slicing for live video capture for real-time event and news content production by broadcasters, enterprises other and streaming media providers. We examine the key challenges and factors that CSPs need to address on their journey to introducing slicing-enabled services. As part of their journey to maximise 5G-enabled revenue streams, CSPs will need to focus on meeting customer needs whilst upgrading capabilities: more agile, flexible, quick time to market, with a scalable SaaS architecture.

In this webinar, we will discuss:
  • What are the new 5G revenue opportunities?
  • How can telcos ensure they best address new revenue streams from 5G?
  • Why agility, scalability and flexibility are key to 5G service innovation?
  • How can 5G network slicing create new revenue streams for operators? For example, what is the opportunity for CSPs enabled by 5G network slicing for live video ingest?
  • What capabilities do CSPs need to support these new use cases, business models and partnerships? Where do managed services fit into this capability mix and what sort of managed services are needed?
We will also have a live panel and Q&A with leading individuals.

Date: Wednesday, 10 May, 2023
Time: 9:30AM IST

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As operators move towards an increasingly hybrid cloud strategy - covering on-premise edge, network edge, and cloud - the on-premise opportunity stands out as a driving force for growth. The multitude of private networking and edge announcements made at MWC highlighted that this is a space experiencing huge traction. But it is not without challenges.

To succeed, operators must move beyond flagship deployments for large enterprises to scaled deployments for the mid-market. They must also learn to handle the complexity of managing an increasingly extensive hybrid cloud. Ecosystem and partnerships will be core to this, and the hyperscalers in particular will be key players that operators must learn to co-exist or collaborate with.

In this webinar we discuss:
  • How has telco-hyperscaler activity in the private networks / edge space accelerated in the past year?
  • What are the hyperscalers' strategies for private 5G and edge?
  • How should telcos work with the hyperscalers to capture the on-premise opportunity?
Date: Wednesday, 19 April, 2023
Time: 3pm BST

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Telecoms companies are seeking to meet their net zero goals, but what counts as a robust sustainability strategy? This deep dive into the STL telecoms sustainability scorecard explores:
  • How to embed sustainability across an organisation
  • Which metrics matter when it comes to sustainability
  • Case studies of best practice
Date: Thursday, 13 April, 2023
Time: 4pm BST

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Telco cloud promises operators more flexibility and efficiency in how they deploy, manage, and scale their network services for enterprises and consumers. The move to a network-as-a-service (NaaS) business model should offer operators opportunities for differentiation and growth.

The end goal of operators is fully virtualised network functions being provided by a plethora of agile and innovative vendors and being run across a wide range of clouds. But there are several pathways for achieving this. For example, many operators have started their journey by adopting single-vendor solutions that reduce complexity and allow fast deployment. This approach, of course, cedes significant control to a powerful supplier and limits flexibility.

What does MWC tell us about the direction of the telco cloud market, and the progress operators are making on their journey to realise the telco cloud vision?

This webinar will explore both the progress operators have made over the last 6-7 years in their telco cloud journeys and explore what the new announcements tell us about individual players and the overall telco cloud state-of-play in Europe. Specifically, we will cover:
  • Key announcements made at MWC and what they tell us about the trajectory of telco cloud
  • Key players to watch in the telco cloud space
  • Whether industry players are doing enough to realise the potential benefits of telco cloud
There will be presentations by STL Partners and Red Hat, followed by a panel discussion and Q&A.

Date: Wednesday, 29 March, 2023
Time: 2pm BST

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In 2022, we published an industry-leading market forecast for edge computing. In it, we stated that edge CDN was the single biggest revenue generating opportunity. In this webinar we’ll share more information on why we made that claim and how edge can play a major role in unlocking the future of content delivery.

We’ll explore how edge computing can help support both the ever-increasing internet traffic and the changing nature of this traffic towards more demanding interactive, high-quality video formats. We’ll also explore how content delivery is changing away from traditional CDN models, supporting more compute-intensive and cloud-like workloads to enable new use cases like dynamic personalised ad insertion and 360 degree, multi-view content.

In the webinar, we will discuss:
  • What are the key industry trends impacting the future of content delivery?
  • What does edge CDN really mean considering CDN has always been distributed in nature?
  • What is the size of the potential opportunity coming from edge computing?
Date: Thursday, 16 March, 2023
Time: 3pm GMT

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In the first webinar in the Edge IoT platform series, STL Partners and Volt Active Data will brief executives on use cases and monetisation models at the intersection of edge compute and IoT.

Independently, edge computing and the internet of things are two exciting areas of innovation with TMT, with global revenues expected to reach $543 billion and $612 billion respectively by 2030. However, the significant overlap between these two growing industries is becoming home to a growing number of use cases which are continuing to gain traction, such as fleet management, advanced predictive maintenance, and real time flow analysis.

However, there is a danger that these two technologies are developing at different rates and with separate vendor ecosystems accelerating their growth. This runs the risk of the industry not taking full advantage of what edge and IoT can do together. In the first of a series of webinars jointly hosted by STL Partners and Volt Active Data, we will explore the basics of an edge IoT platform, the verticals and use cases currently gaining traction, as well as the case studies where these are beginning to turn into live deployments. Key questions covered include:
  • What is an edge IoT platform?
  • Which verticals are prime candidates to take advantage of edge IoT platforms?
  • Which use cases are gaining the most traction within the market?
  • How are edge IoT platforms beginning to be deployed for these use cases?
Date: Tuesday, 21 February, 2023
Time: 2pm GMT

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5G network slicing promises to provide telcos with the opportunity to differentiate and capture new opportunities with 5G.

Live video broadcast is a leading use case for network slicing, with organisations already exploring how 5G enabled cameras and contribution links can transform the broadcast industry through lightweight content capture teams and centralised production groups. To participate in this opportunity, telcos need to understand the value chain, how to develop and scale new business models, and how to participate in the burgeoning ecosystem of partners.

In 2021, Ericsson collaborated with the Bundesliga to trial the impact of 5G on sports coverage production at Dusseldorf Fortuna’s 5G-enabled stadium. To fully enable the benefit of real-time video transmission to production locations, Ericsson provided the required network slice to protect broadcasting from interference from spectators’ smartphones. Ericsson joins STL in this webinar to outline the opportunity for telcos.

In this webinar, we will discuss:
  • How can 5G slicing can enable efficiency in broadcast operations?
  • What is the opportunity for telcos and how can they leverage existing strengths?
  • How do opportunities for service providers vary between business models?
  • What types of broadcast partnerships are out there and what do they mean for the telco?
  • What models should telcos use to monetise slicing?
We will also have a live panel and Q&A with leading telco individuals.

Date: Thursday, 16 February, 2023
Time: 2pm GMT

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The potential benefits of Open RAN are widely understood – greater efficiency, more innovation, lower total cost of ownership. However, the reality is that today’s landscape does not reflect this. Early Open RAN deployments have struggled with realising these benefits and have faced challenges in achieving the reliability, utilisation, energy efficiency, and in-life management that was promised.

The result is that the industry has been slow to make the transition to Open RAN – held back by a reluctance to make moves until the benefits have been proven. Proving the benefits, of course, is challenging without scaled deployments that both create and leverage a learning curve. What needs to move beyond this Catch-22? How can the industry break through the performance barrier, and unlock the true potential of Open RAN?

In this exclusive research briefing for telecoms operators, we explore:
  • What (if any) performance improvements are operators seeing today from Open RAN?
  • Why are today’s Open RAN deployments less energy efficient, and what can operators do to change this?
  • How can operators address key challenges and accelerate the move to a highly efficient and performant Open RAN?​
  • What role does the RIC play in unlocking greater Open RAN performance?
  • Miran Gilmore, Senior Consultant, STL Partners
  • Joe Hurman, Senior Consultant, STL Partners
  • Timo Jokiaho, Chief Technologist, Telecom, Media & Entertainment, Red Hat
Date: Tuesday, 13 December, 2022
Time: 1pm GMT

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Telcos globally see 5G and edge computing as two technologies which will be critical to help move beyond connectivity, and take a new role with enterprise customers and partners.

To capture this opportunity, telcos need to be able to create and deliver business impacting solutions that include applications to help enterprises better capture the value of 5G and edge.

Engaging new partners across the technology stack will be essential to bring end-to-end solutions to market, as well as create open and dynamic innovation and business models.

In this webinar, we discuss:​
  • How telcos are successfully partnering with ISVs today and the hallmarks of a productive relationship​
  • How telcos can adapt their structures and processes to become a more appealing partner
  • The value of open source in as a rapid innovation enabler​
  • The core principles of an ecosystem approach for telco
Date: Thursday, 8 December, 2022
Time: 5pm GMT

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Our forecasts estimate that the overall edge computing opportunity will exceed US$500 billion by 2030 globally. However, we find ourselves in a chicken and egg situation. In order to realise that opportunity, developers need to see sufficient edge capacity to build applications that leverage this. On the other side, operators are waiting for demand to build their network edges because the market is nascent.

Telco-hyperscaler partnerships have therefore been a key area of focus in the last few years given the hyperscalers continue to play a key role in building the network edge. However, the network edge is a key battleground and telco operators have to navigate a conundrum.

In this webinar, we discuss:
  • What is the role of hyperscale cloud providers in telecoms?
  • Why are telcos and hyperscalers looking to partner?
  • What types of partnerships are out there and what do they mean for the telco?
  • What are the implications of the different partnership models on telcos’ ability to innovate?
  • How can telcos mitigate the potential risks or threat of the hyperscalers?
  • Ian Hood, Chief Strategist (Red Hat)
  • Tim Otto, Consultant (STL Partners)
  • Yesmean Luk, Principal Consultant (STL Partners)
  • Panellists TBD
Date: Tuesday, 29 November, 2022
Time: 3pm GMT

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Open RAN has been described as a number of things: a set of technologies, a movement, or a new way for the ecosystem of operators / vendors / integrators to work together. What open RAN has not done is fulfil predictions that commercial deployments would take off in 2022. Operators that have been advocates of open RAN remain committed to it, but this year has not marked any significant progress in how widely it has been adopted: a lot of trials, but no new, large-scale deployments, except for US newbie DISH.

vRAN on the other hand, which differs from open RAN primarily in the fact that it remains an integrated and single-vendor solution for the RU, CU and DU, has attracted increasing interest and been the focus of major deployments from brownfield operators, Verizon in particular.

In this webinar we explore the following questions:
  • Is open RAN an over-specified solution for most use cases?
  • Why are some operators currently choosing the vRAN option rather than - or in addition to - open RAN?
  • And will large-scale adoption of vRAN now help or hinder long-term adoption of open RAN?
  • Emma Buckland, Senior Analyst, STL Partners
  • David Martin, Senior Analyst, STL Partners
Date: Tuesday, 22 November, 2022
Time: 4pm GMT

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Private 5G is enabling innovation across key verticals and transforming the relationship between mobile operators and enterprises.

To realise maximum benefit from these opportunities, operators must understand the industry-specific needs of enterprises, who the key enterprise stakeholders are, and what their role is as they take private 5G solutions to market.

In this webinar, we draw on our extensive work in private cellular and enterprise services to consider the private 5G opportunity for operators. We explore:
  • The pressures and opportunities that lead enterprises to seek enhanced connectivity solutions from private 5G
  • A deep-dive into the industry-specific key metrics that enterprises use for assessing the business case for private 5G
  • Commercial and partnership models spanning operators, vendors and system integrators that see the most success when taking 5G solutions to enterprises
  • Typical deployment and operating models, including the telco right to play and what enterprises expect
  • David Gordon, Consultant, STL Partners
  • Thomas Quinn, Consultant, STL Partners
  • Dalia Adib, Director, STL Partners
  • Oded Ringer, Portfolio Strategy and Messaging, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Date: Tuesday, 25th October, 2022
Time: 4pm BST

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In 2022, we have seen a significant increase in investments by telecoms operators to launch edge computing services from their network edge data centres. Sometimes this is tied to a hyperscaler partnership, as seen with Verizon, Bell and Vodafone with AWS; other times the telecoms operator is building its offering organically, as seen with Cox Communications. However, there have also been indicators that have caused confusion in the market, such as the acquisition of MobiledgeX by Google.

For the edge computing market to grow, STL Partners maintains its view that we need to see more edge data centre capacity to seed the industry and encourage enterprises and developers to build applications that will scale.

In 2021, we published a forecast that sought to estimate the number of telco edge data centres and their capacity, i.e. number of servers, for all non-RAN workloads.

This webinar explores:
  • How many telco edge data centres will there be in the next 5 years?
  • What are the drivers that dictate when telcos will launch their edge data centres and their strategy?
  • What proportion of telco edge capacity will be built with hyperscalers (AWS, Microsoft, Google)?

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Is it too early to start talking about 6G? STL believes “no” – this is exactly the right time to define goals, priorities and directions – and also to debunk some emerging myths before they start. 6G is important because it represents a chance to fix the limitations already visible with 5G, and to reflect the rapid changes in both supply-side industry structure and demand-side shifts in network ownership and operation.

At this stage it is unclear exactly what requirements will be defined for 6G (as part of ITU’s work on IMT2030), which design features and technologies will be included within it – and, even whether there will be a single, global standard presided over by a single standards body. Join this webinar to hear STL’s view on:
  • Why 6G matters and what we can be certain about now
  • What capabilities & services 6G will power
  • Key players in 6G development
  • Key drivers, variables and barriers for 6G
  • Dean Bubley, Associate Director at STL Partners / Founder at Disruptive Analysis
  • Charlotte Patrick, Senior Associate Analyst at STL Partners
  • Andrew Collinson, Managing Director, Research, STL Partners
Date: Wednesday, 31st August, 2022
Time: 4pm BST

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The concept of cloud-native networking and moving to a disaggregated network architecture is something that operators have widely talked about but are still in the relatively early stages of pursuing, to varying levels of success. Although the “why cloud-native disaggregation” is much more broadly understood across the organisation, the practical steps that lead to success aren’t as clear.

Drawing on insights from a primary research programme with telco operators globally, we explore:
  • What do the pathways look like for different types of operators in pursuing cloud-native disaggregation?
  • For those further ahead, what common factors and steps have telcos taken that enabled them to successfully drive this within the organisation?
  • What are types of barriers and pitfalls that telecoms operators have encountered?
  • How can/have telcos overcome these and what can others learn?
  • Yesmean Luk, Senior Consultant, STL Partners
  • Philip Laidler, Partner, STL Partners
  • David Gordon, Consultant, STL Partners
  • Dudy Cohen, Senior Director of Product, DriveNets
Date: Wednesday, 20th July, 2022
Time: 3pm BST

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We know that telcos increasingly see sustainability as good for business, but how to embed into corporate strategy and ensure best practice?

This webinar explores:
  • Why sustainability matters more now
  • What does good look like and how to measure it
  • The opportunities and pitfalls of enablement
Date: Thursday, 14th July, 2022
Time: 4pm BST

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New revenue opportunities (e.g. 5G, edge computing) are emerging for telecoms operators, but their technology ecosystems are becoming more complex.

To realise maximum benefit from these opportunities, operators must prioritise efforts and optimise how they orchestrate their increasingly interconnected underlying systems.

In this webinar, we will explore where operators could grow and orchestration’s role in making this growth a reality, discussing key questions such as:
  • Which propositions should operators prioritise to monetise and drive growth?
  • What are the biggest challenges facing operators in the next 5 years?
  • How should operators transform to meet these opportunities and challenges?
  • To what extent will cloud-native orchestration solve the underlying complexity in technology ecosystems?
  • How will orchestration to enable operators’ next-generation 5G offerings?
Date: Tuesday, 21st June, 2022
Time: 4pm BST

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The mobile industry has been enthusiastically developing and testing open RAN solutions the last few years, hoping to access the flexibility that will come with the technology. The open RAN movement has been welcomed as an essential factor in helping restore supply chain diversity in consolidated markets where choice of vendors has eroded over the last decade.

However, live, production deployments are limited and many telecoms operators are opting for a virtual RAN model, constraining the amount of flexibility and control available to them.

This webinar will take stock of where the industry is at with regards to Open RAN adoption, using data from STL Partners’ Telco Cloud Tracker, and experience from Red Hat, Tech Mahindra and BT who have been trialling a multi-vendor Open RAN solution.

The session will seek to answer the following key questions:
  • What are the drivers behind adopting open RAN, compared to traditional RAN and virtual RAN?
  • Where are open RAN deployments happening today outside of greenfield deployments (e.g. Dish and Rakuten)?
  • What are the challenges to adopting open RAN and how can these be overcome?
  • How can mobile operators ensure they minimise any operational challenges associated with open RAN?
Date: Wednesday, 15th June, 2022
Time: 4pm BST

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All telcos are different – different markets, different resources, and different ambitions. However, they all share the need to modernise their infrastructure, evolving their services and business models to deliver quality for their customers and adapt to new competition.

Telcos are at an inflection point with technology and business models, and there are universal lessons they can all take heed of.

Leveraging findings from an extensive interview programme and survey with 50 operators in the APAC region, this event will explore the following key questions:
  • How much progress have telcos made in their network transformation?
  • To what extent are telcos adopting cloud-native business practices, e.g. DevOps, and skills?
  • Which KPIs should telcos be using going forward to track transformation?
  • What lessons can those more advanced in their journey teach to those further behind?
  • What new businesses should telcos be developing to monetise 5G and edge computing in the B2B sector
Date: Wednesday, 8th June, 2022
Time: 6AM BST

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A thriving ecosystem has the potential to generate extensive value for all participants, however, telcos may find building such an ecosystem, challenging.

In this webinar, we explain how a B2B marketplace can sit at the heart of an ecosystem and help drive scale, allowing telcos to realise the potential of ecosystem approaches.

The key topics we will cover:
  • The shift towards ecosystem models
  • The challenges of these models for telcos
  • The role of B2B marketplaces as a key enabler of ecosystems
  • The guiding principles to drive scale
Date: Thursday, 26th May, 2022
Time: 3pm BST

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Recent research from STL Partners and A10 Networks has highlighted how regional ISPs across North America are leveraging innovative technology and organisational models to bridge the digital divide.

Regional ISPs in North America are hoping to connect the unconnected to next generation capabilities, empowering thousands of communities. To achieve this, however, regional ISPs must disrupt both technologically and organisationally to ensure that they can continue to serve these communities in a commercially viable manner.

In this webinar, we discussed some of the innovative models found in our research, and bring them to life with presentations from the innovators themselves. This wA followed by a panel and audience Q&A segment. Presenters:
  • Terry Young, Director 5G and Service Provider Product Marketing (A10 Networks)
  • Venky Swaminathan, CTO (Trilogy Networks)
  • Carla-Ann Anderson, Operations Manager (Bluewater Networks)
  • Tim Otto, Consultant (STL Partners)
  • Patrick Montague-Jones, Senior Consultant (STL Partners)
Date: Tuesday, 26th April, 2022
Time: 5pm BST

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Network slicing promises to provide new ways for telcos to monetise their networks by enabling innovative, tailored solutions for customers in key industry verticals.

However, to maximise value from this, telcos will need to take steps now to prepare their technology, organisation, and revenue models.

In this webinar, we explore the network slicing monetisation opportunity, discussing key questions such as:
  • When will network slicing bring real monetisation potential to telcos?
  • How will policy, orchestration and BSS need to evolve to enable this?
  • What organisational changes will be required to prepare?
  • Which next steps should telcos take to begin this transformation?
  • Dheeraj Remella, Chief Product Officer (VoltDB)
  • Dalia Adib, Director, Consulting & Edge Computing Lead (STL Partners)
  • Patrick Montague-Jones, Senior Consultant (STL Partners)
  • Reah Jamnadass, Senior Consultant (STL Partners)
Date: Tuesday 15 February, 2022
Time: 4pm GMT

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Fraunhofer IPT, WZL and STL Partners have developed a tool to evaluate the economic potential of 5G for applications in the manufacturing industry. This webinar will provide a live demonstration of the tool and how it can be used by end-customers (manufacturers), industrial solution providers and 5G service providers.​

We provide a presentation and discuss the following key questions:​
  • Why is the manufacturing sector exploring 5G and what are its perceived benefits?​
  • Which use cases are driving adoption?
  • When will longer use cases mature and what are the dependencies?​
  • What are the economic benefits of private 5G in enabling Industry 4.0?​
  • Deep-dive on automated guided vehicles (AGVs) as a use case​​
This webinar will be running twice on the same day, Thursday 10th February 2022:
  • Session 1: 8am GMT / 9am CET / 1.30pm IST / 4pm SGT
  • Session 2: 4pm GMT / 5pm CET / 11am ET / 8am PT
  • Raphael Kiesel, Head of Department at Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering (WZL)​
  • Niels König, Head of Department Production Metrology (Fraunhofer IPT)
  • Yesmean Luk, Principal Consultant (STL Partners)
  • Matt Bamforth, Consultant (STL Partners)
  • Dalia Adib, Director - Consulting (STL Partners)
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STL Partners predicts that the total edge computing addressable market will reach US$543 billion by 2030. Telcos are continuing to expand their edge deployments, seeking to monetise their networks and access new opportunities for revenue growth.

However, to exploit this opportunity, telcos will need to be able to handle more complex edge environments – this will require orchestration that is designed for the edge.

In this webinar, we discuss the role of edge orchestration in shaping the future of edge computing and explore some of the key questions on this topic, for example:
  • Why do telcos need dedicated edge orchestration, and what makes the edge so complex?
  • Why not just use existing network orchestrators and extend them to the edge?
  • What should telcos be looking for in an edge orchestrator?​
  • Sankar Venkatraman, VP (Detasad)
  • David Carrera, CTO & Co-founder (Nearby Computing)
  • Dalia Adib, Director, Consulting & Edge Computing Lead (STL Partners)
  • Reah Jamnadass, Senior Consultant (STL Partners)
  • Ani Keshishyan, Consultant (STL Partners)
Date: Wednesday, 2nd February, 2022
Time: 1pm GMT

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STL Partners hosts a webinar exploring the wider ecosystem in this one and the role of the new telcos, we discuss:
  • What does the current ecosystem look like? Who are the main players?
  • What are the new players/telcos emerging and how can they support/disrupt the market (enabled by spectrum and other factors)
  • Deployment of private networks in complex environments such as airports
  • What are the challenges for traditional telcos
  • Dean Bubley, Founder and Director​ (Disruptive Analysis)​
  • Ahmed Ali, Senior Analyst (STL Partners)
  • Joeri Tranchet, Chief Operating Officer​ (Citymesh)
  • Catherine Gull, Consultant (Cellnex UK)
Date: Wednesday, 15th December, 2021
Time: 3pm GMT

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STL Partners hosts a webinar exploring how and why telco IT systems must evolve to drive value with 5G. In this session, we discuss:
  • How telcos are deploying 5G today, including key use cases and business models
  • Why current telco IT systems are not fit for a 5G future, and how they must evolve
  • Which IT systems are a priority for telcos to evolve with 5G and why
  • What the next steps should be for telcos and vendors in enabling this evolution, including organisational, technical, and business considerations
  • Andrew Keene, Senior Director of Product Management (VoltDB)
  • Dalia Adib, Director & Edge Practice Lead (STL Partners)
  • Reah Jamnadass, Senior Consultant (STL Partners)
  • Patrick Montague-Jones, Senior Consultant (STL Partners)
Date: Wednesday, 17th November, 2021
Time: 4pm GMT

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The ongoing digitisation and deregulation of financial services in many countries has prompted a growing number of telcos around the world to expand into consumer financial services, offering loans, savings and insurance.

STL Partners believes most telcos have the capabilities required to develop a compelling financial services proposition, except for three – industry knowledge, consumer app development and data analytics/machine learning expertise.

In this webinar STL Partners discusses those key capabilities and how operators can address shortcomings in terms of industry knowledge, app and machine learning development.

The webinar showcases examples where operators have harnessed these capabilities to stake a claim in developing compelling financial service propositions such as Safaricom’s M-Pesa, Orange Bank In Europe and Africa and most recently Vodacom’s VodaPay in South Africa.

Presenters and analysts
  • David Pringle, Associate Senior Analyst, STL Partners​
  • Amy Cameron, Principal Analyst, STL Partners
  • Liam Mimnagh, Senior Analyst, STL Partners
Date: Wednesday, 17th November, 2021
Time: 9am GMT

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CSPs are seeing huge opportunity in taking private LTE/5G and edge solutions to market. However, they are at different stages of their journey: some are trying to understand use cases, some developing the business model and others assessing how to build the infrastructure – whether to do it with partners (e.g. hyperscalers) or not.

This webinar leverages data from a survey with over 150 global CSPs to answer key questions, such as:
  • How are CSPs building their edge?​
  • What makes a private cellular + edge solution?
  • What do customers in key industries, such as manufacturing, look for in a solution?
Date: Thursday, 16th September, 2021
Time: 4pm BST

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Telco operators have been increasingly evaluating the role of cloud-native architecture and disaggregation within their networks in enabling the flexibility, scalability and speed of innovation required for their business, particularly as they move to advanced services such as 5G. As demands from the telco networks increase, telecoms operators are exploring how they can pursue hyperscale economics, but in reality the roadmap to achieving this is unclear.

In this webinar, STL Partners and DriveNets present insights from research with senior telco executives. We explore:
  • What cloud native, best of breed and disaggregation means to telcos, and how it applies to different network domains
  • The role of the disaggregated, cloud native model in pursuing hyperscale economics
  • Key steps that telcos are taking to achieve this model
  • Barriers, challenges and how to overcome them
  • Yesmean Luk, Telco Cloud Practice Lead, STL Partners
  • Philip Laidler, Managing Director, Consulting, STL Partners
  • Miran Gilmore, Consultant, STL Partners
  • Dudy Cohen, Senior Director of Product Marketing, DriveNets
We also have a live panel and Q&A with leading telco individuals.

Date: Thursday, 9th September, 2021
Time: 4:00PM BST

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2021 is seeing growth in telco edge, with some operators in the region having already launched their edge offerings in 2020. In parallel, hyperscale cloud providers are growing their cloud business in Asia and will build new data in the next 1-2 years.

For telcos, they need to best determine how to build their edge and to what extent they should work with hyperscalers.

This webinar draws on data from over 150 surveyed telecoms operators to answer key questions, such as
  • How are operators in Asia building the edge?​
  • How much of their edge infrastructure will be provided by a hyperscaler?​
  • Which use cases should Asia operators focus on?​
Date: Wednesday, 1st September, 2021
Time: 7am BST/2pm SGT

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With an industry evolution encompassing a digital, 5G, cloud and edge ecosystem, service providers are on a journey to become integrated carriers, supporting a diverse range of new services and business models.

This evolution entails a new approach to monetization and user management, and is leading CSPs to explore innovative approaches to drive billing modernization through a new paradigm. From the customer perspective (consumer or enterprise), this process will enable transparent, real-time, and personalized payment and engagement journeys, while at the same time, service providers will enjoy the inherent operational benefits and agility to address very high volumes at real time with reduced TCO.

In this webinar, STL Partners present on findings from across our portfolio of Research and Consulting insights, as well as extract key recommendations for telcos from an ongoing interview programme with operators globally. We explore:
  • The emerging telecoms landscape and the resultant opportunity for telcos in becoming integrated service providers
  • The new approach of real time billing and its key benefits
  • The importance of a frictionless, personalized payment interaction
  • Key examples of operators adopting a new billing paradigm
  • Q&A session with panellists
Date: Wednesday, 24th June, 2021
Time: 3:00PM GMT

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The advent of 5G presents an opportunity to have agility right at the core of operators’ organisations, and the vast array of new (and as yet undefined) enterprise applications will demand the speed and flexibility that only ‘agile’ can deliver.

The term ‘agility’ has been relevant in telecoms for many years, but it is only recently that concepts around the term have crystallised into concrete developments. Today, operators hold ambitions of becoming software-centric companies, which means prioritising incremental innovation through modular, decoupled architectures and agile practices such as DevOps and CI/CD.

In this webinar, STL Partners and Ericsson will present findings from a recent interview programme on agility with senior telecoms executives globally. We share insights on what is driving agility today and best practice for achieving the agile cloud-native vision to meet the demands of 5G. We will explore:
  • Why operators should take advantage of recent enablers now to seize the enterprise opportunity
  • What key steps to take across technology, organisation and products & services to drive what we call the agility flywheel
  • How leading operators are responding to changing customer demands, digital-native competition and increasingly complex value chains
Presenters include:
  • Philip Laidler, Consulting Director (STL Partners)
  • Yesmean Luk, Senior Consultant & Telco Cloud Practice Lead (STL Partners)
  • Yannick Mayaud, Consultant (STL Partners)
  • Miriam Deasy, BSS Senior Solutions Marketing Manager (Ericsson Digital Services)
We will also have a live panel session with key individuals from leading telco operators. A video recording & presentation slides will be provided for registrants following the webinar for both attendees and non-attendees.

Date: Wednesday, 16th June, 2021
Time: 3:00PM GMT

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Hyperscale cloud providers and telcos co-exist in an increasingly dynamic ecosystem. While telcos look to realise their ambitions and roles beyond connectivity, the hyperscalers are expanding their involvement in the telecoms industry/value chain, including in edge computing, private LTE/5G and increasingly in telco networks. In this webinar, we will explore how telcos can collaborate and partner with the hyperscalers to strengthen their respective positions, and how operators can leverage hyperscalers’ capabilities as they seek to move up the value chain. We will also be sharing learnings from our work with operators on this topic area.

To present this session, we will have the following subject matter experts from STL Partners:
  • David Martin, Senior Associate
  • Yesmean Luk, Senior Consultant
  • Grace Donnelly, Senior Consultant
Date: Wednesday, 2nd June, 2021
Time: 4:00PM GMT

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Missing the conversations you would have had at Barcelona? Pick up a coffee and catch up from your home or office instead with some of the smartest folks we know for fresh takes on where the industry is headed.

Join our discussion with Vodafone, Verizon and Tata Communications as we explore how telcos should navigate the 5G and edge computing opportunity.

Telecoms operators globally see edge computing as a key enabler for revenue growth in 5G, particularly in enterprise services. 2020 proved that edge computing was no longer a concept, as service providers began to build and deploy their edges.

However, much remains to be answered when it comes to how telecoms operators can optimise their partnerships with companies helping them build the edge, while capturing value to truly monetise the edge.

In this webinar, we will run a lively panel with some of the leading telcos in this space to address the following questions:

  • How and when will 5G & Edge leap forward?
  • What are the main use cases telcos will target this year and how will this change in the long term?
  • How should telcos leverage their telco cloud platforms?
  • How can telcos develop and leverage an ecosystem of app developers, hyperscalers and network software application providers?

  • Dalia Adib, Principal Consultant, Edge Practice Lead, STL Partners
  • Jennifer Didoni, Head of Cloud Portfolio Management Vodafone Business
  • Tri Pham, CSO, Tata Communications
  • Gordon Hewitt, Intl Innovation & 5G Executive, Verizon
Date: Thursday, 11th March, 2021
Time:10:00AM GMT

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Missing the conversations you would have had at Barcelona? Pick up a coffee and catch up from your home or office instead with some of the smartest folks we know for fresh takes on where the industry is headed.

Join our discussion with Telia and Elisa exploring how telcos can learn to identify and scale new growth opportunities, both in the core and new business.

Telecoms operators are increasingly aware that to fully monetise their 5G investments, they will need to innovate beyond their core connectivity services. However, deciding which opportunities will deliver the best value and sustaining innovation over the long term remain some of the biggest challenges.

In this webinar, Amy Cameron from STL will present examples of new opportunities for telcos in Work From Home and healthcare, and then moderate a discussion exploring:

  • How should telcos identify & prioritise the best new opportunities?
  • How should they organise innovation?
  • What are the most promising areas?

  • Amy Cameron, Principal Analyst, STL Partners
  • Anette Bohman, Strategy Director DivisionX, Telia
  • Liisa Puurunen, VP International Digital Services, Elisa
Date: Wednesday, 10th March, 2021
Time:10:30AM GMT

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Missing the conversations you would have had at Barcelona? Pick up a coffee and catch up from your home or office instead with some of the smartest folks we know for fresh takes on where the industry is headed.

2021: Priorities through and after COVID

  • Survey results: what’s changed for 2021?
  • What’s long-term, what will fade fast?
  • Predictions & points to watch for

  • Rainer Deutschmann, Group COO, Telia
  • Andrew Collinson, Research Director & Partner, STL Partners
  • Dean Bubley, STL Partners Associate & Director of Disruptive Analysis
Date: Tuesday, 9th March, 2021
Time:10:30AM GMT

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5G promises to enhance telcos’ connectivity capabilities and bolster growth, but it also presents a challenge for them to keep operating costs down, meet their sustainability goals and mitigate new risks for customers, investors and governments.

How should telcos approach their design, procurement, deployment and operation of 5G to minimise and de-carbonise their energy use, while also driving their customers’ transition to lower emissions through 5G-enabled services?

We discuss: 

  • How does 5G pose a challenge to energy efficiency, and why should telcos make this a business priority?
  • How can telcos use 5G to meet increasingly ambitious sustainability commitments?
  • What steps are already being taken by market leaders?
  • How could this translate into an opportunity to support enterprise customers in their journeys to lower emissions?
We hosted 2 live sessions, reflecting relevant global and regional trends.


Philip Laidler, Partner, STL Partners
Matt Bamforth, Consultant, STL Partners
Reah Jamnadass, Consultant, STL Partners
Scott Armul, Vice President, Global DC Power & Outside Plant, Vertiv
Danny Wong, Senior Director for Telecoms, Asia, Vertiv
Nilmar Seccomandi David, Head of Network & Systems Infrastructure, Telefónica
Yusheng Li, Senior Architect, China Mobile Group Design Institute
John Wang, Consulting Engineer, China Mobile Group Design Institute

Date: Tuesday, 2nd March, 2021
Time: 09:00 and 16:00 GMT

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As operators around the world begin to plan their deployment of 5G SA and Open RAN, the focus on adopting a cloud native approach to networking has come to the fore. Operators agree that cloud native is inevitable for networking but how differently do they see this working in practice?

In this webinar, we shared STL’s latest research findings on the different operator strategies in approaching cloud native networking. While some operators see cloud native technology and practices as essential parts of a wider change in their operating model, there are other operators more cautiously looking to accommodate cloud native networking within existing operating and partnership models. Can both be right?

We discuss: 

  • The key benefits of a cloud native approach to networking
  • Where different operators are heading
  • Potential risks and mitigation

Philip Laidler, Partner, STL Partners
Matt Bamforth, Consultant, STL Partners
Todd Spraggins, Strategy Director, Communications Global Business Unit, Oracle
Darwin Janz, Senior Planner Technology Strategy, SaskTel
Shakil Ahmed, Global Lead Telenor Hybrid Cloud Platform, Telenor

Date: Wednesday, 24th February, 2021
Time: 15:00 GMT

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During the pandemic, nearly every country has embraced digital health solutions to help tackle rising pressure on healthcare systems and the need to maintain social distancing – but will the boom last? And where will digital health deliver the most value? In this webinar we discuss the initial findings from our post-COVID digital health model, which assesses adoption of digital health across five key application areas and sizes the opportunity in the UK market.

We discuss:

  • The 5 key application areas that telcos should consider
  • Digital health ecosystem and key players across the value chain
  • Our modelling and analysis of the UK digital health market


Amy Cameron, Senior Analyst & Digital Health Research Lead, STL Partners
Darius Singh, Senior Consultant & Digital Health Practice Lead, STL Partners
Miran Gilmore, Consultant, STL Partners

Date:Wednesday, 16th December, 2020
Time:15:00 GMT

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With emerging technologies such as 5G driving buzz, software developers expect to deliver more dynamic experiences to their customers. However, many of these new applications require capabilities, e.g. ultra-low latency, which can’t be delivered with 5G and cloud alone.

Enter edge cloud: developers can benefit from both the cloud’s flexibility and the reliability of local processing. AWS (Wavelength) is working with developers to enable new solutions in augmented reality & virtual reality, industry 4.0, digital health, amongst others.

In this webinar, we were joined by speakers from AWS and AR/VR developer YBVR to address some of the big questions around edge cloud, including:

  • What is edge cloud and what is the relationship with 5G?
  • Why should ISVs and enterprises care? Which use cases are seeing most traction and in which industries?
  • What are the business benefits of adopting edge cloud?
  • What is AWS Wavelength and how does it work for developers and mobile operators?
  • What’s the opportunity for mobile operators?


Dalia Adib, Principal Consultant & Edge Practice Lead (STL Partners)
Reah Jamnadass, Consultant (STL Partners)
Phil Laidler, Director, STL Partners
Bala Thekkedath, Principal, Product Marketing – 5G Edge Computing (AWS)
Sebastian Amengual, Co-Founder & CTO (YBVR)

Date:Tuesday, 17th November, 2020
Time:17:00 GMT

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Private cellular networking, with 5G and LTE, is said to offer enterprises an opportunity to enable a host of different use cases, whilst delivering connectivity that is catered to enterprises’ specific needs.

It promises to not only enhance existing applications, but also unlock new applications and support their wider digital transformation journeys… But with all the hype surrounding private networking, it’s hard to tell whether it is simply another form of connectivity, or if it can truly act as an enabler of transformation.

In this webinar, we draw on findings from an interview programme and survey to over 200+ enterprises globally to address the following questions:

  • How do private cellular networks (5G or LTE) fit into enterprises’ wider strategies, and how does this vary by industry (e.g. manufacturing, oil and gas, logistics etc.)?
  • What are the key benefits of deploying private networks over alternative forms of connectivity, and what are the major challenges that different types of enterprises face when deploying them?
  • Who are the key players in the ecosystem, and what is the role for telcos?


Yesmean Luk, Senior Consultant, STL Partners
Miran Gilmore, Consultant, STL Partners
Phil Laidler, Director, STL Partnersb

Date:Thursday, 12th November, 2020
Time:16:00 GMT

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5G-enabled use cases are estimated to enable close to a 1% reduction in total global emissions by 2030 – this is equivalent to approximately half of all Canada’s carbon emissions in 2018.

There is a part to play in accelerating the reduction of carbon emissions for telcos, governments, the energy industry and other key stakeholders in the industry. We have identified 7 key principles for accelerating progress, such as:

  • How operators need to deploy 5G to support this change
  • Governments’ role in setting technology and emissions policies
  • Telcos need to explore new business models to support the energy ecosystem

In this webinar STL Partners demonstrated which 5G use cases play the biggest role in reducing emissions and how the ecosystem must work together. This is based on insights from interviews and surveys with operators, energy companies and governmental organisations.

We had a great panel lined up for the Q&A session, featuring representatives from the energy industry, who will provide their views on the topic:

Phil Steele, Future Technologies Evangelist – Octopus Energy
Ian Mash, Director – Huawei, Carrier Business Group
Charles Bradshaw-Smith, Co-CEO & Operations – SmartKlub
Matt Bamforth, Consultant – STL Partners
Dalia Adib, STL Partners, Principal Consultant & Edge Practice Lead

Date:Tuesday, 10th November, 2020
Time:15:00 GMT

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Edge computing offers an opportunity for telcos to grow the B2B business. However, operators are grappling with defining the potential new products and services that edge opens up to them.

The sweet spot of opportunity is highly dependent on telcos’ starting point: some have existing capabilities within B2B networking and cloud, partnerships and strong customer relationships. But, for other telcos, the B2B business is nascent at a very early stage. And finally, edge infrastructure build differs across telcos, with some choosing to partner with hyperscalers to create the edge.

In this webinar, STL Partners leverages insights from interviews with top-tier CSPs and experience from our Edge Practice to discuss topics including:

  • The variety of services operators can offer to B2B customers
  • How telcos should think about edge services in the context of existing cloud, network services, private cellular and 5G
  • Which factors may influence how successful telcos are in taking these services to market
  • How telcos can leverage their existing capabilities to develop B2B edge services

Dalia Adib, STL Partners, Principal Consultant & Edge Practice Lead
Miran Gilmore, Consultant, STL Partners
Maddison Long, Vice President of Products, CloudOps

Date:Wednesday, 28th October, 2020
Time:15:00 GMT

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The retail sector is already facing unique challenges: huge growth in e-commerce, an existential crisis for the high street and mounting pressures from consumer to deliver a totally seamless experience in and outside the store.

However, these have only been amplified by the unprecedented environment presented by COVID-19, which means retailers need to maximise their opportunity as countries come out of lockdown, enter the ‘new normal’ and gear up for the post-summer period. Edge is poised to be a key enabler in this, by unlocking new applications and capabilities that will enhance the customer experience across online and offline channels.

Key topics discussed in the webinar:

  • The value of edge for retail customers
  • Key use cases
  • Real applications in retail that are using edge


Dalia Adib, Edge Computing Practice Lead, STL Partners
Kennedy Pereira, AVP/GM, AT&T Global Business Solutions
Tilly Gilbert, Senior Consultant, STL Partners

Date:Wednesday, 30th September, 2020
Time:16:00 BST

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Emerging technologies such as 5G, IoT, Edge Cloud, AI, promise to open up new services and business models for operators in B2B by enabling more dynamic, cloud-native, and “as a service”, solutions. Digital BSS can support and augment delivery of such services by creating seamless and flexible back-end systems to improve customers' and partners' experience.

In addition to this strategic opportunity, digitising BSS and moving towards zero-touch can have a material impact on revenues and operational costs, potentially increasing EBIT by c.34%. Digitising BSS should therefore be a part of all telcos’ B2B roadmap.

In this webinar, supported by MDS Global, STL Partners:

  • highlight the potential financial benefits of digitising BSS
  • define key digital BSS use cases and where most value can be derived
  • explore how digital BSS fits into operators' wider strategy and a move towards cloud-native and virtualised services

Presenters and panellists:
Chris Barraclough, Partner and Director, STL Partners
Darius Singh, Senior Consultant, STL Partners
Reah Jamnadass, Consultant, STL Partners
Akil Chomoko, CMO, MDS Global

Date:Thursday, 24th September, 2020
Time:15:00 BST

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Broadcast: 10th September, 2020

The transport and logistics sector is struggling with diminishing margins despite growth in global traffic volumes. In the push to stay competitive, companies must cut costs and drive operating efficiency. 5G will play an important role in the digital transformation of the industry, by enabling and enhancing use cases that can optimise processes and increase efficiencies.

In this webinar, we shared learnings from 100+ interviews and surveys with industry professionals. How will 5G impact the industry, what steps must be taken to deliver 5G's potential benefits, and what is the role for the telco?

Chris Barraclough, Partner and Director, STL Partners
Tilly Gilbert, Consultant, STL Partners

Watch recording and view presentation slides
In tandem with the roll-out of 5G, new technologies are often surfacing, each with a potential to shift traditional ecosystems – amongst them, is Open RAN.

Within this webinar STL Partners addressed the three most important sub-components of Open RAN – Open-RAN, vRAN and C-RAN, and how they may interact to shift the traditional proprietary and vendor-dominated RAN into a new, virtualized and a more open vendor ecosystem.

The webinar encompassed the following:

  • Open RAN’s potential impact on existing ecosystems
  • The market dynamics and opportunities for open-RAN deployment
  • Open RAN deployment strategies for telcos
  • An analysis into existing Open RAN initiatives and challenges


Matt Pooley, Telco Cloud Practice Lead & Senior Consultant, STL Partners
David Martin, Senior Associate, STL Partners

Date:Tuesday, 4th August, 2020
Time:16:00 GMT

Access the video recording and presentation slides
Following on from our well-received research and webinars on Now, next and after, and the impact of COVID on telco priorities, we discussed how the telecoms industry should move forward as the world increasingly gets to grips with the pandemic.

Besides its substantial size and potential incremental revenue streams, the SOHO/SME segment is a key market for telcos because:


  • Looking at the scenarios we initially laid out on whether the industry will get ‘back to normal’, find a better place, or become more fragmented;
  • Discussing whether and how the industry can build on the momentum it has gained in the crisis, e.g. remote working, moving online, changing faster;
  • Previewing some analysis we are conducting on how telcos could accelerate moves into new areas with a detailed look at opportunities in healthcare;

The paneel chaired by Amy Cameron, Senior Analyst, STL Partners included:

  • Rainer Deutschmann, COO Dialog Axiata, who’s joined our previous webinars
  • Andrew Collinson, Partner & Research Director, STL Partners, author of the research on telco priorities, and co-author of ‘Now, Next and After’
  • Dean Bubley, Senior Associate STL Partners and Founder Disruptive Analysis, co-author of ‘Now, Next and After’ and scenario-master
  • Matt Jones, Senior Analyst, STL Partners, who’s leading the new research sizing telco opportunities healthcare

Date:Wednesday, 1st June, 2020

Time:15:00 GMT

Watch the webinar

STL Partners and ETIS originally planned to co-host a telcos in health workshop in May. Since that’s no longer possible, in this webinar we share a taster of the content we’d planned. We hope to re-schedule the live event whenever possible.
With the right strategy and appetite for a long term commitment, healthcare can be a very promising growth vertical for telcos. In this webinar, Amy Cameron will outline telcos’ right to play, potential business models and focus areas for telcos in health.
In the context of COVID-19, telehealth is clearly a key opportunity in healthcare. To understand what it really takes to succeed in this market, we are joined by David Thomas, Managing Principal of Global Health Strategy at TELUS, and Mairi Johnson, Chief Partnership Officer at Babylon Health.
With them we will discuss: - How do they work together? - What are the potential partnership models between telcos and digital health players? - What are the pre-requisites for telcos to build successful partnerships in health? - And open to your questions

Presenters: Amy Cameron, Senior Analyst, Digital Health Research Lead, STL Partners David Thomas, Managing Principal, Global Health Strategy, TELUS Mairi Johnson, Chief Partnership Officer, Babylon Health Darius Singh, Senior Consultant & Digital Health Practice Lead, STL Partners
Date: Thursday, 11th June, 2020
Time: 14:00 GMT

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The SOHO and SME segments represent a significant opportunity for telcos. In the EU alone, 99.8% of enterprises are SMEs and SOHOs, and contribute almost 60% of the EU’s total value added.

Besides its substantial size and potential incremental revenue streams, the SOHO/SME segment is a key market for telcos because:

  • They want new communication services that are customisable, programmable and available in a cost-efficient, pay-as-you-grow model;
  • They don’t have the dedicated IT departments and need solutions that are simple to onboard;
  • They can benefit from cloud-based services, incorporating self-service and automation, making it easier to trial new services and reduce operational costs;
  • They need mobile-first communication solutions accessible across multiple devices, to better manage engagement with both employees and customers.

In this webinar, we will explore:

  • Current challenges SMEs and SOHOs face, and why telcos struggle to serve them
  • Why the SME/SOHO segments are a key opportunity for telcos
  • How telcos can support them leveraging cloud communication solutions
  • Potential 'communications-as-a-service' use cases for SMEs and SOHOs


Chris Barraclough, STL Partners

Abhey Seth, Ericsson

Vikas Singhal, Ericsson

Date:Thursday, 28th May, 2020

Time:16:00 GMT

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With all the hype, it’s difficult to determine how important edge is right now.

There are still many open questions with regards to investments at the edge:

  • How much is being invested relative to other technologies? How might this change?
  • Which edge is most important now and in future: regional data centres, network edge, on-prem edge? How does this vary by use case and industry?
  • Where are edge investments being made across the value chain? Datacentres/facilities, hardware, software platforms or applications and services?
  • What are the risks and rewards to consider when evaluating edge investments?


Dalia Adib, STL Partners, Principal Consultant & Edge Practice Lead

Chris Barraclough, STL Partners, Partner & Director

Eli Scher, Open-IX, Vice Chairman

Joe Kochan, US Ignite, CEO & Co-founder

Jon Mauck, Digital Bridge & Digital Colony, Managing Director

Date:Tuesday, 2nd June, 2020

Time:15:00 GMT

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The consumer landscape is changing and, driven in part by the COVID19 pandemic, demand for both core broadband and value-added services is growing. This presents new challenges and opportunities for operators seeking growth “in the home”. In this webinar, STL Partners explores the strategies telcos can employ for success in the consumer market. Drawing on information from an interview programme with SPs, as well as a survey to 1,100+ consumers, globally.

The discussion includes insights on:

  • The changing demands of the consumer market
  • The saturation of the Pay TV and triple play market
  • Telco strategies to win and stay relevant


Darius Singh, STL Partners, Senior Consultant & Digital Health Lead

Nikolai Siersted, STL Partners, Consultant

Philip Laidler, STL Partners, Partner & Consulting Director

Date:Wednesday, 20th May, 2020

Time:16:00 GMT

View the webinar

How COVID-19 will impact telco activities and spending plans is now at the top of the industry’s agenda, so we’ve been researching it over the last week among the people who know best – over 100 of our customers and contacts.

The discussion include insights on how industry sentiment is changing, and cover:

  • Technologies (such as cloud, AI, automation)
  • Enterprise and consumer services
  • Networks (5G, fibre, etc)
  • Leadership


Rainer Deutschmann, Dialog Axiata PLC, Group Chief Operating Officer

Amy Cameron, STL Partners, Senior Analyst

Andrew Collinson, STL Partners Research Director

Dean Bubley, STL Partners Senior Associate and founder of Disruptive Analysis

Date:Tuesday, 5th May, 2020

Time:15:00 GMT

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Operators have struggled with telco cloud to date. NFV deployments have suffered from a lack of truly ‘cloud-native’ components and approaches, and the industry continues to grapple with the complexities of transformation and building skillsets. Meanwhile, there is a growing urgency to safeguard investments in 5G new radio, which have been justified based on new use-cases which assume extreme sophistication in the network.

In this webinar, we argued that 5G will only pay if telcos find a way to make telco clouds work. We share learnings from first-hand work with operators and vendors about successful (and less successful) routes to cloud deployment, and suggest that shifting industry dynamics – new partnerships, ecosystems and integrations – mean that now is the time to make it happen.


Matt Pooley, Telco Cloud Practice Lead & Senior Consultant, STL Partners

Philip Goddard, Business Development Director, Juniper Networks

Phil Laidler, Partner, STL Partners

Date:Wednesday, 8th April, 2020

Time:16:00 GMT

Watch the webinar

What impact will the Coronavirus pandemic have on telecoms longer-term, and how should the industry respond? In this webinar we discussed telcos’ immediate responses, assess priorities for the next few months, and outline four scenarios for future planning.

We heard from Markus Kinnunen, VP of Service Assurance and Cyber Security at Elisa, and Rainer Deutschmann, COO at Dialog Axiata, on how they are responding to this unprecedented situation, and their outlook for the future.


Andrew Collinson, STL Partners Research Director

Dean Bubley, STL Partners Senior Associate and founder of Disruptive Analysis

Markus Kinnunen, VP of Service Assurance and Cyber Security at Elisa (Finland)

Rainer Deutschmann, Chief Operating Officer at Dialog Axiata (Sri Lanka)

Date:Wednesday, 1st April, 2020

Time:16:00 GMT

Watch the webinar

In this session, Phil Laidler and Miran Gilmore explored how 5G can help to improve networks’ energy performance and curtail carbon emissions.

The inexorable growth in data volumes predicted over mobile networks in the next decade means that relying on “evolutionary” improvements to 4G will not be sufficient to curtail emissions from networks.

Phil and Miran argued telcos need to achieve a step-change in networks and business practices. 5G New Radio, massive MIMO and mmWave technologies will be able to provide this step-change at first to contain, and then to reduce, carbon emissions from mobile networks.


Phil Laidler, Partner and Consulting Director, STL Partners

Date: Tuesday, 28th January, 2020

Time: 16:00 GMT

Watch the webinar recording

In this session Amy Cameron and Yesmean Luk looked at the opportunities for telcos in health.

As a growing industry, with a national focus and significant digitisation challenges, healthcare is an attractive vertical for telcos seeking to build new revenues beyond core communications services. But it is also notoriously slow to change and carries a high reputational risk if anything goes wrong.

Through ten case studies on telco plays in healthcare – including both successes and failures – they outlined the key considerations and potential strategies for telcos targeting the healthcare opportunity.


Amy Cameron, Senior Analyst, STL Partners

Yesmean Luk, Consultant, STL Partners

Darius Singh, Consultant, STL Partners

Date: Tuesday, 26th November, 2019

Time: 16:00 GMT

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The unique benefits of 5G could unlock $1.4tn of value in eight key industries in 2030. This is based on models generated from 200+ interviews and surveys with industry executives. What steps should operators take to deliver these benefits? What business and organisational transformation must occur to unlock this opportunity?


Chris Barraclough, Partner and Director, STL Partners

Tilly Gilbert, Consultant, STL Partners

Date: Tuesday, 22nd October, 2019

Time: 9:00 GMT

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Edge computing from the front line: developer case studies

Much of the discussion around edge computing has focused on use cases which, although useful in demonstrating demand for the technology, are still hypothetical.

In this webinar we will present case studies “from the front lines” of developers and enterprises testing edge computing today across different applications such as AR/VR, video analytics, drone/UAV, live experiences and retail.

Key questions we will address during the webinar include:

  • How does edge computing compare to expectations?
  • What is measurable impact does edge computing make to the application?
  • What is the value to software companies, enterprises and agencies?
  • Given the value edge creates, how can telcos monetise this?


Dalia Adib, Senior Consultant & Edge Computing Practice Lead, STL Partners

Geoff Hollingworth, Chief Marketing Officer, MobiledgeX

Date: 12th September, 2019

Time: 17:00 GMT

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Digital transformation is at the heart of many organisations’ core strategies, as leaders explore how to solve traditional business problems with innovative digital solutions. STL Partners believes digital twins is an emerging technology that, by unlocking the potential of other rapidly developing technologies (such as IoT and AI), could play a significant role in driving transformation. But what is a digital twin?

In this webinar we’ll look at key digital twins use cases, how they are delivering value to global enterprises, and explore telcos’ potential role in the ecosystem.

There’ll be Q&A as part of the session.

Darius Singh, Consultant at STL Partners
Paul Green, CSO and Director at Iotic Labs, named as one of the top five tech start ups to watch in 2019 for IoT. Paul is also Associate Senior Analyst at STL Partners

Date: Thursday 6 June

Time: 4-5pm (London time)

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Broadcast: 22 May 2019

Virtualisation (NFV) and SDN fundamentally change network infrastructure and service agility. And telcos that act early could gain an advantage. In reality, few operators have taken up the challenge.

So what’s the right approach to match your business needs? How can you gauge when’s the right time to move – and how do you find a helicopter view of what’s happening in the market? Which vendors are selling which solutions, to whom - and why?

In this webinar, we’ll show how - with 5G on the horizon - telco virtualisation is at a tipping point. And look at data from the NFV deployment tracker which aggregates information on commercial deployments globally.

Presenters: Matt Pooley, Senior Consultant and David Martin, Associate Senior Analyst

Date: Wednesday 22 May

Time: 3:30-4:30pm (London time)

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Read more about our presenters and find some of our related research on the NFV webinar page.

Download the documents from the event (you may need to log in):
David and Matt's presentations
Q and A from the session
Broadcast: 30 April 2019

Voice-activated speakers have people talking about smart homes again. But Alexa is just a warm-up act for the main event. In this session, we looked at the opportunities for telcos, what smart householders really want and how best to provide it. And we heard directly from an international operator about their experience of working in this space.

The webinar was built on complementary research Can telcos create a compelling smart home? in our (Re)Connecting with Consumers research stream.

David Pringle, Associate Senior Analyst, STL Partners
Thomas Rockmann, Vice-President Consumer IoT and Co-Lead Smart Home Project, Deutsche Telekom
Amy Cameron, Senior Analyst, STL Partners (moderator)

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Download the documents from the event:
David Pringle's presentation
Thomas Rockmann from Deutsche Telekom's presentation
Q and A from the session
Broadcast: 12 February 2019

In this invitation-only session, we looked at trends and challenges for the sector for the next few years. This covered changes to the global digital economy, how telcos can work in the enterprise space and some of the zeitgeist opportunities such as smart homes.

Our track record in horizon scanning is strong: a recent example is the recent FT article on telecom income in Europe - you might remember that we’d called this in our 2012 research.

Presenters: Andrew Collinson, Research Director
Amy Cameron, Senior Analyst
David Pringle, Associate Senior Analyst

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Broadcast: 30 January 2019

We opened with near-term technical changes and deployments in 5G and the type of services that could be realised. Following up with business process and strategies for financial planning that could lead to opportunities for growth.

The piece was a real challenge to telcos looking to make improvements to win and retain customers and monetise new opportunities.

Dave Burstein, Editor, Wireless One and Associate Analyst, STL Partners
Chris Barraclough, Director, STL Partners

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Download the documents from the event:
Q and A from the session

Broadcast: 11 December 2018

In this webinar we looked at the opportunities in distributed cloud for telcos and how they could be realised.

Applications developers need to engage to get the most out of the possibilities. We showed a new edge use case related to augmented reality (chosen by user vote ahead of the session). And we looked at the effective business models.

Our guest speaker from MobiledgeX, a leading mobile edge innovator, talked about what they’re achieving and where they see telcos can monetise existing infrastructure investments. Including SDN/NFV transformations and more future-facing investments like MEC.

Dalia Adib, Senior Consultant, STL Partners
Jason Hoffman, Chair, MobiledgeX

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Download the documents from the event:
Jason Hoffman's MobiledgeX presentation
Dalia Adib's presentation
Q and A from the session

For more on edge, visit our edge hub
Broadcast: 8 August 2018

This webinar covered our predictions for 5G.

We shared our assessment of the opportunities and barriers - including how and when it will impact different markets. How 5G will change the shape of the industry may not be what you expect, especially how it combines with other technologies and industry trends.

Topics include:
* Realistic deployment and uptake timelines
* Verticals and use-cases
* Role of enterprise / private networks
* Fit with NFV, WiFi, edge computing and AI
* Impact of geopolitics, spectrum regulation and lobbying

Andrew Collinson, Research Director, STL Partners
Dean Bubley, Associate Analyst, STL Partners

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Broadcast: 12 December 2017

In this webinar, we discussed the extent of live NFV deployments by operators in Europe and North America.

We assessed the various strategic and tactical plays available to those looking to keep on track with their virtualisation programme. There were also insights from our work with operators worldwide and our growing NFV deployment tracker research stream.

Matt Pooley, Consultant, STL Partners
David Martin, Associate Analyst, STL Partners

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