Telco data monetisation use case directory

Discover the best telco data monetisation opportunities, understand the key considerations, and inform your go-to-market strategy through our Data Monetisation Use Case Directory.

  • Discover how to leverage existing telco data or data expertise to underpin new enterprise propositions across a variety of verticals 
  • Understand the market dynamics and privacy implications of monetising certain data, with a view of the biggest revenue opportunities 
  • Identify the platforms and capabilities that will be needed to expose this data externally and the ecosystem of partners that can support solutions 

Telcos have an abundance of data on their customers and about their networks, which they have been turning into viable enterprise propositions for at least the past decade. Understand how telcos can monetise data they already own or expertise they have built up around data with proven use cases that leverage data on: 

  • Subscriber demographic 
  • BSS 
  • Web logs 
  • Location (macro network and small cell) 
  • IoT sensors 
  • Video 
  • Network 

The Data Monetisation Use Case Service includes 19 use cases and provides detailed insight and analysis, including: 

  • Use case descriptions and diagrams 
  • Revenue modelling  
  • Data required and description of platform needed 
  • Case studies of existing deployments 
  • Weight of privacy implication 
  • Market maturity and competitiveness 

Contents of use cases: 

  • Mobile marketing 
  • Location-based card authentication 
  • Connected car remote diagnostics for maintenance 
  • Tracking of persons for safety reasons 
  • Public transport journey analysis 
  • Remote health monitoring 
  • Tourist movements 
  • Utilities grid distribution monitoring & control 
  • Digital advertising audiences 
  • Placement of real estate development 
  • Crash/breakdown assistance and stolen vehicle location 
  • Telematics for insurers 
  • Crop surveillance 
  • Traffic congestion monitoring 
  • Insight for entertainment and sport venues 
  • Identifying potentially fraudulent behaviours 
  • Disaster management & response planning 
  • Carbon calculator 
  • Optimising retail store operations