Private Networks Use Case Directory

Discover the best private network monetisation opportunities, understand the key considerations, and inform your go-to-market strategy through our Private Network Use Case Service.

  • Accelerate your private network strategy through education of the key use cases that are driving adoption in different industries.
  • Drive alignment within your organisation on the proposition and requirements of use cases.
  • Highlight the monetisation opportunities and roles that need to be filled in order to deliver an effective private network solution.

The Private Network Use Case Service includes 18 use cases and provides detailed insight and analysis, including:

  • Use case description
  • Key capabilities that private networks deliver
  • Time to scaled deployment
  • Applicable industry verticals
  • Complementarity with edge computing
  • Primary business outcomes

Highlighted use cases:

  • Advanced predictive maintenance
  • AR/VR for training
  • Augmented reality for maintenance, repair and operations (MRO)
  • Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs)
  • Condition monitoring
  • Drone/UAV navigation for site inspection
  • In-hospital patient monitoring
  • Precision monitoring and quality control
  • Production and maintenance: video ingest and analytics
  • Push-to-X (talk, message, video)
  • Quality assurance and process monitoring: video analytics
  • Reliable and secure comms networks
  • Remotely controlled/operated equipment
  • Risk management and compliance: video analytics
  • Security and surveillance: video ingest and analytics
  • Wireless robots/cobots
  • Worker safety: video ingest and analytic
  • Workflow and asset tracking