Private Networks Playbook

Private networks are enabling innovation across a range of different verticals and as enterprises become increasingly aware of the opportunity, demand for private networks is growing.  

In our series of proposition playbooks, we will address a different vertical each time, focusing in detail on the key factors involved in private network deployments in that specific vertical.  

Having published our first playbook on ports, our second edition focuses on manufacturing. Each playbook provides a detailed look at the key aspects of an industry to allow both telecom operators and technology vendors to understand their target markets and position their services accordingly. 

For each vertical, we provide recommendations on how best to support deployments by answering questions such as:

  • Who are the key stakeholders driving business transformation? 
  • What are the top business priorities for the vertical, based on their environment, e.g. 
    • Greenfield or brownfield deployment 
    • Size of customer site
    • Level of digitalisation 
    • Access to funding
  • How does private LTE/5G and network slicing compare with other technology options in addressing these priorities? 
  • Profiles of most relevant private LTE/5G use cases 
  • Case studies of private network deployments in the specific vertical 

Next steps

We will be releasing a new proposition playbook addressing a specific vertical on a quarterly basis. Upcoming verticals include logistics, stadiums, utilities and mines.