Intro to the Private 5G ROI tool for manufacturing

About the tool

Fraunhofer IPT, WZL and STL Partners have developed a tool that analyses the business potential for private 5G for key use cases and applications in manufacturing. The tool is designed to be used by both production companies and the telecoms ecosystem to quantify the potential technical and economic impact of private 5G on applications such as assembly robots, AGVs and machine tools.

The process of using the tool involves:

  • Defining a selection of inputs, specific to an individual customer
  • Selecting a key use case(s)
  • Specifying the related performance and control task requirements, nature of deployment as well as key technical and economic objectives.

Based on these inputs, the tool builds a tailored view of the potential impact of private 5G on the following types of customer objectives:

  • Technical goals such as flexibility, quality, productivity, sustainability and utilisation
  • Economic goals such as net present value (NPV), return on investment (ROI), payback period, operational costs

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