Consumer Digital Services Playbook: Live events

As the core connectivity market continues to stagnate, telcos are increasingly looking for new digital consumer services to expand their offering and provide new revenue streams. This playbook is a deep dive into digital service telcos can offer in the live sports, entertainment and commerce space.  

This is the second in our series of consumer digital services playbooks. We will address a different digital service area each time, explaining the real opportunities for telcos, and focusing on the key factors for success. Each playbook will be accompanied by an interactive data tool detailing telco services from around the world addressing that digital market.  

This playbook will provide telcos with an understanding of the fundamentals of the live sports, entertainment and commerce market, and where they could fit into it. Following a thorough survey of telco activities in the live experiences market, STL presents five service types/roles that telcos can take, with detailed case studies and analysis to help telcos choose their path in the live experiences market. The playbook is accompanied by an interactive database of telco services in this area.  

We help telcos understand which are the most favourable opportunities for them, and the important factors for launching a successful service by answering these key questions.  

  • Overview of the live events market 
  • What are the key trends in live experiences? 
  • Who are the key players in live experience value chains? 
  • What roles can telcos play?  
    • In-venue connectivity and infrastructure   
    • In-venue experiences and operational excellence  
    • Network slicing for upstream video capture   
    • Live commerce 
    • Remote participation 
  • How do they choose and what are the key factors for success?