Terms and Conditions

Any reports and tools (‘goods’) purchased on our store remains the intellectual property of STL Partners. 

By purchasing a good, you commit to complying with the following conditions for its use: 

  • You may share all or some of the good’s content with anyone within your company and the majority-owned subsidiaries of this company 
  • You may use the content in internal publications with due attribution to STL Partners.  
  • You may use insubstantial part of the content in client’s deliveries and presentations with due attribution to STL Partners. Insubstantial part is for example, one graph out of a report, one diagram, 1-2 sentences.  
  • To use any content externally, ie in your websites, brochures, social media, you must submit your proposed quotation with due attribution to STL Partners, to our Research Director Amy Cameron amy.cameron@stlpartners.com. We will review your proposed quotation and approve it or propose alterations. We will reply to any such request within 48h of the query being received during UK working hours.