STL Partners & Teragence

STL Partners has been working with Teragence, a competitive network analytics vendor, to explore how its data can guide telco strategy.

Teragence has pioneered the Crowdsource 2.0 methodology to collect network performance data straight from third-party apps. This enables Teragence to build a hyper-scale measurement footprint and get hyper-granular network performance insights on any operator, anywhere, any time.

The time on technology analysis for STL Partners was conducted by calculating the percentage of 4G measurements in the total measurement pool of all the measurements in a given city, regardless of the location of those measurements (i.e. if 2 measurements occur in the same location, they count as 2 measurements, not 1). Data used was collected in H1 2018.

It is different from a geographic coverage percentage as it aligns more to where people spend their time, rather than where they pass through.

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