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Cloud 2.0- Surviving the Commoditisation Crunch

Cloud 2.0: Surviving the Commoditisation Crunch

We’re researching the current drivers and barriers to the adoption of cloud services in the enterprise market, and are now seeking input from experts and practitioners from telecoms service providers. Below is an introduction to some of the hypotheses that we are investigating by Bob Brace, Senior Analyst Telco 2.0, who leads our Cloud 2.0 Programme, and who is the …

Softbank-Dish Round 2- Smartphone Samurai vs Satellite Cowboy

Softbank-Dish Round 2: Smartphone Samurai vs Satellite Cowboy

Since we published our Sprint-Softbank: how it will disrupt the US market analyst’s note, a fair few things have changed. Everything has been slower and more complicated than it seemed. The minority investors in Clearwire have been troublesome, something we pointed out as an issue. But the real surprise was the intervention of satellite TV operator, DISH Network, which as …

M2M Communications

M2M: four key strategic capabilities for CSPs

Communications Services Providers (CSPs) need an infrastructure that provides four key capabilities: Data Analytics, Device and Connectivity Management; Applications Support; and Flexible Billing. This is a guest post by SAP highlighting best-in-class examples. Machine-to-machine (M2M) communication – the interaction between devices and centralized data sources through automated service platforms – is potentially a lucrative opportunity for communication service providers. According …

ITU's World Conference on International Telecommunications

Internet Governance @ ITU? The Political Battle for the Internet

The political battle for the governance of the Internet will step up a gear at the ITU’s World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT) next week, which will review the current International Telecommunication Regulations for the first time since 1988 – pre web and mobile networks. Some governments and telcos are arguing that it should be the responsibility of the ITU, …

Asian Telcos Leapfrog West

‘Leapfrogging the West’: can Asia/Pac and Arabian telcos jump ahead?

Global economic, social and political developments are rapidly accelerating innovation and growth opportunities in digital economies outside Europe and North America. In theory, telcos in APAC and MENA could avoid or at least navigate better the challenges of the Western telco business model cycle. But will they learn the lessons, or repeat the mistakes? Background In the last few years …

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