Our research focuses on how telcos and their partners can embrace industry disruption to drive innovation and create value in an increasingly challenging market.

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The Executive Briefing Service provides 24 new reports per year—as well as over 300 previously published reports—on the most important themes affecting the telecoms, media and technology sector, such as new threats and emerging opportunities. Our reports include case studies of successful strategies in telecoms and other markets, and aim to challenge and inspire strategists and business leaders in their decision making.

For telecoms industry leaders, strategists and innovators: the business, regulatory and technology developments you need to know about—and their implications for your company.

In-depth research streams

Subscriptions to four in-depth research streams are also available. Exploring key strategic and technology topics, each stream offers 8-10 new reports per year:

For change leaders in specific business areas—combine with the Executive Briefing Service for a comprehensive briefing package.

Telco 2.0 Transformation

Telco 2.0 Transformation

How should telcos manage transformation as they adopt new business models—and what can be learned from within and outside of the TMT industry?

(Re)Connecting with Consumers

(Re)Connecting with Consumers

How can telcos regain relevance and build value with consumers through content, commerce and communications, and by partnering with other industries and new internet disruptors?

Growing Enterprise Revenues

Growing Enterprise Revenues

How can the telecoms industry add value to other industries beyond connectivity including IoT verticals and network-on-demand services?

Network Futures

Network Futures

How will 5G and other disruptive network technologies impact the telecoms business model and the industry structure?

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We value dialogue with our customers, and subscribers benefit from direct access to our analysts. Our team is available to discuss ideas and hypotheses in confidence, helping subscribers expand their own thinking and, in many cases, validate assumptions that allow them to commit to decisions and actions with increased confidence.

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