Why is now the time to rethink edge orchestration?

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Telcos are investing in edge to grow revenues and monetise their networks. Edge orchestration will be a key tool for these telcos to manage their infrastructure easily and cost-effectively, whilst ensuring that they can meet the strict performance requirements of dynamic edge applications.

An edge use case pack accompanies this report to bring the need for edge orchestration to life.


Format: PDF filePages: 39 pagesAuthor: Reah Jamnadass, Ani KeshishyanPublication Date: January 2023

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Telco edge computing: state of play
  • Why does edge need orchestration?
  • What is an edge orchestration platform?
  • Conclusions and next steps
  • Glossary

Additional report included:

  • Title: Bringing edge orchestration to life: 10 use cases in action
    • Format: PDF file
    • Pages: 49
    • Table of Contents:
      • Use case deep-dives
      • Automated Guided Vehicles
      • Drone inspection
      • Edge CDN
      • Immersive experiences
      • Edge cloud gaming
      • Private mobile networks
      • Production and maintenance – video ingest and analytics
      • Push-to-talk communications
      • Security – video ingest and analytics
      • Smart city traffic management


Technologies and industry terms referenced include: Application lifecycle management, Automated edge orchestration, Container platforms, edge computing, edge orchestration, edge orchestration platform, edge solutions, edge use cases, Edge workloads, IaaS, NaaS, PaaS, Platform as a Service, telco edge cloud