Why energy management is critical to 5G success

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Operators’ pursuit of growth through 5G is tied to meeting the challenge of lower, cleaner energy and practical guidance on how to achieve this


Format: PDF filePages: 29 pagesCharts: 17Author: Philip Laidler, Matt BamforthPublication Date: February 2021

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Preface
  • Introduction
    • The Coordination Age – a new role and purpose for telcos
    • Resource efficiency and the Coordination Age
    • 5G: Designed to spur innovation and drive growth
    • Challenge 1: The 5G energy challenge
    • Challenge 2: A rapidly changing business climate
  • How can telcos pursue growth through 5G and meet the challenges of the changing business climate?
    • Adopt energy best practice in 5G design, procurement, deployment, and operations
      • Best practice operates at multiple levels…and across them
      • Focusing action for your operator
    • Drive customers’ transition to low emissions through 5G-enabled services
      • Who to target?
      • Specific steps in driving customer efficiency through 5G
  • Conclusions and recommendations
    • Preach what you practice
    • … as well as practice what you preach
    • Recommendations for telco leadership

Table of Figures

  • Figure 1: The Coordination Age
  • Figure 2: Improving the coordination of our resources
  • Figure 3: Projected 5G traffic volumes by region
  • Figure 4: 5G can curb excess energy use…. if done right
  • Figure 5: Regions with different 5G take-up face different energy challenges
  • Figure 6: Take pro-active action or fall foul of mounting pressures
  • Figure 7: 40% of enterprises we surveyed thought that energy efficiency should be the first or second priority for telecoms operators when deploying 5G networks
  • Figure 8: Cycle of growth through efficiency
  • Figure 9: Best practice in 5G network design, deployment and management
  • Figure 10: Components to prioritise high-efficiency
  • Figure 11: MEA converged operator case study
  • Figure 12: Telefónica has built a culture of sustainability and energy efficiency
  • Figure 13: Relative opportunity of initiatives by region
  • Figure 14: Corealis, Port of Livorno case study
  • Figure 15: What role could telcos play in addressing your organisation’s energy management needs?
  • Figure 16: Who do you currently see as key partners for improving your organisation’s energy efficiency?
  • Figure 17: Longreach Airport case study


Technologies and industry terms referenced include: 4G, 5G, carbon emission, Cloud, energy, RAN sharing, vRAN