The value of analytics, automation and AI for telcos Part 1: The telco A3 application map

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This report maps the application of analytics, automation and AI (A3) across the telco organisation, identifying where each technology is most effective, and providing a foundation for understanding and planning the use of A3 to improve core business performance. Part 2 will estimate the potential value of applications.


Format: PDF filePages: 28 pagesCharts: 09Author: Charlotte PatrickPublication Date: March 2020

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • The A3 problem/solution types
    • Type 1: Complex data uses A3 to conquer size and speed
    • Type 2: Automation to replace or augment human resources
    • Type 3: Personalisation uses algorithms to reveal what’s next
    • Type 4: Bringing optimisation and forecasting into planning
    • Type 5: Augmenting human capabilities focuses on chatbots
    • Type 6: Frontier AI solutions are the leading edge of the A3 future
  • Cross-type applications of A3
    • Concept 1: Sharing data between boxes using a data lake
    • Concept 2: The flow of data across different A3 application areas
  • Appendix 1: Further definition of applications by type
    • Type 1: Making sense of complex data
    • Type 2: Automating processes
    • Type 3: Personalising customer interactions
    • Type 4: Supporting business planning
    • Type 5: Augmenting human capabilities
    • Type 6: Frontier AI solutions
  • Appendix 2

Table of Figures

  • Figure 1: The telco A3 applications map
  • Figure 2: A3 to map complex structured data sets
  • Figure 3: Automation is key to more efficient processes
  • Figure 4: Personalisation using machine learning
  • Figure 5: Use of algorithms for optimisation and forecasting
  • Figure 6: Human-machine interactions
  • Figure 7: AI point solutions
  • Figure 8: The use of assurance data across the telco
  • Figure 9: Movement of data in two network automations

Technologies and industry terms referenced include: AI, analytics, automation, chatbot, contact centre, customer experience, digital channels, field services, network assurance, optimisation, personalisation, self-optimising networks, Strategy