WeChat: A Roadmap for Facebook and Telcos in Conversational Commerce

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Messaging services are increasingly enabling interactions and transactions between consumers and businesses. Largely pioneered by WeChat in China, the growing integration of digital communications and commerce services looks like a multi-billion dollar boon for Facebook and a major headache for Amazon, eBay and Google. It also poses a strategic dilemma for Apple and telcos: Can they turn their communications apps into shopping channels while championing privacy and security?


Format: PDF filePages: 37 pagesCharts: 18Author: STL Research TeamPublication Date: February 2016

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Communications and commerce: two sides of the same coin
  • WeChat – the conversational commerce trailblazer
  • The merchant experience
  • Muted monetisation
  • Lessons to learn from WeChat/Weixin
  • Facebook now following fast
  • How much money can Messenger make from commerce?
  • WhatsApp also targets commerce
  • Takeaways: Facebook needs to work with the medium, not against it
  • Implications for Amazon, Apple and Google
  • Amazon – in danger of disruption
  • Google – down, but not out
  • Apple – already has the assets
  • Conclusions and lessons for telcos
  • How can telcos differentiate?

Table of Figures

  • Figure 1: Communications services move to facilitate the whole wheel of commerce
  • Figure 2: Share of digital time of different categories of apps
  • Figure 3: The world’s most widely used mobile messaging services
  • Figure 4: An example of a WeChat Subscription Account
  • Figure 5: An example of a WeChat Service Account
  • Figure 6: The key features of WeChat’s official accounts
  • Figure 7: The main developer tools available to WeChat verified service accounts
  • Figure 8: WeChat enables merchants to create a distinctive look and feel
  • Figure 9: Some Chinese nurseries use WeChat to communicate with parents
  • Figure 10: The WeChat Wallet offers easy access to a suite of services
  • Figure 11: Tencent’s Red Envelope promotion was hugely successful
  • Figure 12: WeChat’s depiction of a typical day for one of its users
  • Figure 13: Tencent remains heavily reliant on online gaming revenues
  • Figure 14: Facebook Messenger seeks to fill the gap in digital commerce
  • Figure 15: Facebook follows in Tencent’s footsteps
  • Figure 16: Hailing a taxi from within a conversation on Facebook Messenger
  • Figure 17: Facebook Messenger will increasingly compete with Amazon Prime Now
  • Figure 18: Telcos’ mobile money apps are becoming increasingly sophisticated

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