The state of telco transformation

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Nine change stakeholders describe their experience of telco transformation, providing insights on the change process and learnings for others that are remodelling their organisations for the future.


Format: PDF filePages: 29 pagesAuthor: Nicola WarrenPublication Date: February 2023

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • Why is Transformation important to telcos
    • Different change trajectories
  • The condition of transformation – being in the process of it
    • Where do telcos have transformation efforts underway
    • How are transformation projects approached at telcos?
    • Who is responsible for transformation?
  • Barriers to transformation
    • Change leadership issues
    • People challenges
    • Execution difficulties
  • What is holding telcos back from being future-ready organisations?
    • Out with the old…
    • …In with the new
  • Conclusion
    • Recommendations

Table of Figures

  • Figure 1: Telstra and Globe – transformation to deliver beyond the core
  • Figure 2: No one path – overlapping changes in multiple areas
  • Figure 3: The meaning of transformation – activities cited in interviews
  • Figure 4: Different change trajectories
  • Figure 5: Mentions of transformations in progress at respondent telcos
  • Figure 6: Responsibility may rest at multiple points
  • Figure 7: Transformation roadblocks
  • Figure 8: Platform approach
  • Figure 9: Product managers require end-to-end understanding


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