The IoT is dead: Long live the I4T – the Internet for Things

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It’s hard to make things work in the IoT – it’s anything but plug and play. This report outlines why, what is needed, and current leading-edge efforts to achieve it. To deliver the benefits of the Coordination Age, all manner of “things” will need to be able to discover each other and communicate more autonomously. For this to happen easily and securely a new enabler is needed: the Internet for Things (I4T).


Format: PDF filePages: 31 pagesCharts: 08Author: Andrew CollinsonPublication Date: May 2019

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • Credits
  • The Internet for Things and the Coordination Age
  • How does an “Internet for Things” fit with this?
  • What’s wrong with the Internet of Things?
  • The essential components of an Internet for Things
  • What is the Internet for Things (I4T)?
  • How is an Internet for Things different to an Internet of Things?
  • Advantages – what can the “Internet for Things” offer?
  • What problems does the I4T solve?
  • Problem 1: The use case paradox
  • Problem 2: No one really wants to be coordinated by someone else
  • Problem 3: A classic case of warehouse interruptus
  • Two approaches to creating the I4T…so far
  • Interoperability forums
  • Dating services for digital twins
  • Civil engineering: Making all the pieces work together in real life
  • Conclusions: It’s a tough job – but somebody’s got to do it
  • Index

Table of Figures

  • Figure 1: The three ages of telecoms / ICT
  • Figure 2: The well-worn path of slowing telecoms growth
  • Figure 3: Some examples of what a “thing” can be
  • Figure 4: Players in the logistics ecosystem example
  • Figure 5: Three functions of digital twins
  • Figure 6: A possible Internet for Things (I4T) ecosystem
  • Figure 7: Iotic Labs “Lego”
  • Figure 8: BAM Nuttall and Iotic’s learning camera application to monitor machines

Technologies and industry terms referenced include: coordination, digital twins, Innovation, IoT, logistics, Platform