The Future of Work: How AI can help telcos keep up

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This research defines and considers the topic “Future of work” – exploring the impact of emerging technologies and economic and social changes on telcos, and identifying how A3 (analytics, AI and automation) can help solve new challenges.


Format: PDF filePages: 38 pagesCharts: 19Author: Charlotte PatrickPublication Date: February 2022

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • The Future of Work
    1. The Fourth Industrial Revolution
    2. Societal and cultural change
    3. Business environment change
    4. Pandemic-related change
  • How will FoW trends impact telcos in the next 5 to 10 years?
    • Expected market conditions
    • Implications for telcos’ strategic direction
    • Workforce and cultural change
  • Telco responses to FoW trends and how A3 can help
    • Strategic direction
    • Skills development
    • Organisational and cultural change
  • Appendix 1
  • Index

Table of Figures

  • Figure 1: AI and automation both drive and solve Future of work challenges
  • Figure 2: Components of the Future of Work
  • Figure 3: Expected impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution
  • Figure 4: Expected impact of societal and cultural change on telcos
  • Figure 5: The impact of business environment changes on the telco
  • Figure 6: The effects of the pandemic on telcos
  • Figure 7: Telco response to FoW – strategic direction
  • Figure 8: How A3 can help telcos create greater flexibility
  • Figure 9: How A3 can help telcos plan for the workforce of the future
  • Figure 10: How A3 can help telcos future-proof their products and services
  • Figure 11: How A3 can help telcos build on their strengths
  • Figure 12: Telco response to FoW – skills development
  • Figure 13: How A3 can help telcos introduce new skills into the workforce
  • Figure 14: How A3 can help telcos with training, coaching and learning
  • Figure 15: Telco response to FoW – organisational and cultural change
  • Figure 16: How A3 can help telcos support employees
  • Figure 17: How A3 can help telcos adapt to hybrid working
  • Figure 18: How A3 can help telcos build trust internally and externally
  • Figure 19: The PWC World of Work Model

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