The future of data monetisation: Enabling data-driven customers

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Telcos have been creating data related products and services to support their enterprise customers for the last 10 years. As this market expands into a wider range of more complex customer needs, we explore where the best opportunities are for telcos to support enterprises in their transformation into data-driven organisations.


Format: PDF filePages: 36 pagesAuthor: Charlotte PatrickPublication Date: January 2023

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • From data monetisation to data products
  • Telco opportunities to meet new data-driven customer needs
  • Nine categories of data-driven customer needs
    • People analytics
    • Sensors and devices
    • Moving objects
    • Monitoring and control
    • Thing analytics
    • Complex data chains
    • Autonomous networks
    • A3 products
    • Human focused
    • Which categories of customer needs are telcos best placed to serve
  • Mapping customer needs to telcos’ services
    • Data provision
    • Assurance related services
    • Other network capabilities
    • Autonomous networks
    • Insight for moving objects
    • Data infrastructure
    • Data management
    • Governance, privacy, and security
    • Data products
    • A3 capabilities
    • Data expertise
  • Conclusion

Table of Figures

  • Figure 1: Telco opportunities to serve enterprises’ data-driven needs
  • Figure 2: Four categories of future telco data service
  • Figure 3: Nine categories of customer data-driven requirements
  • Figure 4: Telefónica drone solution
  • Figure 5: AT&T Energy and Building Management Solution architecture
  • Figure 6: Example use cases for category 5 – thing analytics
  • Figure 7: Example use cases in category 8 – A3 products
  • Figure 8: Example use cases in category 9 – human focused
  • Figure 9: Potential telco opportunities by requirement category
  • Figure 10: 11 types of telco data services
  • Figure 11: Examples of telco data products
  • Figure 12: Mapping customer requirements against telco capabilities


Technologies and industry terms referenced include: 5G, 6G, AR/VR, Assurance, AT&T, autonomous networking, BSS data, data infrastructure, data management, drones, edge compute, governance