Telefónica’s 10 steps to sustainable telecoms

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Telcos are increasingly engaging with sustainability as it becomes an expectation from customers, shareholders and employees. What can others learn from Telefónica’s experiences?


Format: PDF filePages: 46 pagesCharts: 19Author: Alice WoodPublication Date: March 2022

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
    • What makes Telefónica different to other telcos?
    • Next steps
  • Table of Figures
  • Telefónica’s 20-year sustainability journey
    • Sustainability in the Coordination Age
    • How Telefónica got to where it is today
    • Achieving buy-in across the organisation
  • Why Telefónica stands out among telcos
    • High level overview of achievements so far
    • How Telefónica compares with other telcos
    • How Telefónica collaborates with its peers
  • Network operations: The first step to embedding sustainability in Telefónica
  • Sustainable financing: A pioneer in telecoms
    • How the first Green Bond came to life
    • Subsequent green and sustainable bonds
    • Challenges and benefits
  • Eco Smart label and consulting services: Expanding from networks to services
    • How the idea came to life
    • Consulting services through Telefónica Tech
    • Eco Smart label in 5G services
    • Sustainability as a core component of digital transformation
  • Implementing sustainability across a global footprint
    • Aligning goals with individual market dynamics
  • Conclusion
    • Ten takeaways from Telefónica’s holistic approach
  • Index

Table of Figures

  • Figure 1: Ten lessons from Telefónica on how to embed environmental strategy into a telco
  • Figure 2: Key activities and inflection points in Telefónica’s sustainability journey
  • Figure 3: Telefónica’s SDG focus
  • Figure 4: Telefónica’s sustainability credentials versus other companies
  • Figure 5: An example Eco Rating label
  • Figure 6: Telefónica fell short of initial energy efficiency and emissions targets
  • Figure 7: Reported results from Telefónica’s 118 energy efficiency projects, 2015
  • Figure 8: Telefónica’s greenhouse gas emissions, 2015 – 2020
  • Figure 9: Telefónica’s 2021 carbon emissions
  • Figure 10: Eligibility criteria areas of Telefónica’s sustainable financing framework
  • Figure 11: Value and purpose of Telefónica’s Green Bonds
  • Figure 12: Other telcos have also launched green bonds
  • Figure 13: Eco Smart seal verified by AENOR
  • Figure 14: Telefónica’s digital solutions for environmental challenges
  • Figure 15: The benefits of ISO 50001
  • Figure 16: Eco Smart services and 5G use cases
  • Figure 17: The countries in which Telefónica operates
  • Figure 18: Telefónica’s net-zero target dates across all opcos
  • Figure 19: How Telefónica is reducing its carbon emissions

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