Telecoms 2030 Part 1: The telecoms industry problem

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The traditional “moat-building” business model adopted by telcos is no longer viable. If telcos are to compete with internet giants in 2030, they must fundamentally change as organisations. Part 1 of our Telecoms 2030 series outlines this need for change, providing three possible business models for the telco of 2030 – Servco, Infraco and Techco.


Format: PDF filePages: 13 pagesAuthor: Chris BarracloughPublication Date: March 2024

Table of Contents

  • Executive summary
  • Introduction
  • Framework for analysis
  • What could telcos look like in 2030?
  • Conclusions
  • Coming next

This report is the first of three focused on telecoms strategy and transformation. This report covers:

  • Decline of the traditional telecoms business model: – Value destruction in telecoms
  • Need for a new resource allocation model: – And a corresponding change in the operational model
  • Case for functional or structural separation


Technologies and industry terms referenced include: AI, B2B, B2C, Business Model, capex, capital markets, depreciation, EBITDA, infraco, opex, P&L, Revenue growth, ServCo, techco, telco to techco, Telecoms 2030, traditional telco