Telco Transformation: The 20 Metrics That Matter

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Metrics are an integral component of telcos’ digital and overall transformation. But what metrics are telcos using, and what metrics should they use, to measure the progress and success of their transformation initiatives? STL Partners has looked at metrics in use by three of the most advanced telcos in the world, including AT&T and Telstra, and identified the 20 that matter most.


Format: PDF filePages: 34 pagesCharts: 5Author: David MartinPublication Date: November 2016

Table of Contents

    • Executive Summary
    • A reluctance to talk metrics
    • Why metrics matter for the virtualised telco
    • Conclusions and recommendations
    • Next Steps
    • Introduction: Why do metrics matter?
    • Driving business model change
    • A shift from financial to customer enagement (and potential opportunity)
    • A new focus on service innovation and flexibility…
    • …and new competition
    • Increased emphasis on offensive and defensive moves
    • Organisational, operational, process and culture transformation
    • Why most operators hate to talk metrics
    • Key transformation metrics of AT&T, Telstra and a major Western European incumbent
    • The transformation metrics explained
    • Evaluating the metrics used by European Incumbent (EI), AT&T & Telstra
    • Transformation: The 20 Metrics That Matter
    • Overview
    • The 20 Metrics that Matter: Description and analysis
    • Conclusion: New metrics define the new model

Table of Figures

  • Figure 1: Different players’ metric requirements
  • Figure 2: Phasing of transformation metrics
  • Figure 3: Transformation metrics of AT&T, Telstra and a European incumbent (EI)
  • Figure 4: Instant pricing on Telstra’s PEN platform
  • Figure 5: The 20 types of metric that matter for successful telco transformation

Keywords: Business Model, Cloud, Devops, digital, European Incumbent, EI, KPI, management, Metrics, nfv, progress, Return on Capital Employed, ROCE, SDN, SD-WAN. transformation, Virtualisation

Companies & technologies covered: AT&T, Telstra