Telco Cloud: Why it hasn’t delivered, and what must change for 5G

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Telco cloud made big promises for the transformation of telecoms. It is a fundamental enabler for 5G and the exciting opportunities ahead. Why hasn’t it delivered yet – and what needs to change?


Format: PDF filePages: 25 pagesCharts: 11Author: Matt PooleyPublication Date: February 2020

Table of contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Telco cloud: big promises, undelivered
    • A network running in the cloud
    • The telco cloud promise
    • The less-exciting reality
  • The problem: flawed approaches to deployment
    • Learning from those on the front line
    • A function-first approach to telco cloud
    • A platform-first approach to telco cloud
  • The solution: change, collaboration and integration
    • Multi-vendor telco cloud is preferred
    • The internal transformation problem
    • The need to foster collaboration and integration
    • Standards versus blueprints
    • Insufficient management and orchestration solutions
    • Vendor partnerships and pre-integration
  • Conclusions: A better telco cloud is possible, and 5G makes it an urgent priority

Table of Figures

  • Figure 1: The telco cloud promise: Major buckets of value to be unlocked
  • Figure 2: Telco cloud defined: New technology and new ways of working
  • Figure 3: The telco cloud promise: Major buckets of value to be unlocked
  • Figure 4: Total live deployments of telco cloud technology, 2015-2019
  • Figure 5: Two starting points for deploying telco cloud
  • Figure 6: ETSI NFV reference architecture framework (simplified)
  • Figure 7: Pros and cons of the vertically-integrated approach to telco cloud
  • Figure 8: Pros and cons of the horizontally-integrated approach to telco cloud
  • Figure 9: Pros and cons of function- and platform-first approaches to telco cloud
  • Figure 10: CNTT’s NFVi reference model
  • Figure 11: ETSI NFV reference architecture framework (annotated)Keywords: 5G, AI, AI (artificial intelligence), artificial intelligence, automation, Cloud Computing, cloud-native, CNTT, containerisation, containers, digital transformation, distributed computing, ETSI, function-first approach, Innovation, integration, IT, MANO, multi-vendor, NEP, network equipment provider, Network Functions Virtualisation, Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV), nfv, NFVi, open, platform-first approach, RAN, service-level agreement, skillsets, SLA, Software Defined Networking, Software-defined Networking (SDN), standardisation, standards, telco cloud, transformation, virtualization, VNF