Telco 2030: New purpose, strategy and business models for the Coordination Age

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How telecoms industry CEOs can reignite growth, align investors, employees, customers and governments, and reinvigorate the industry for the next decade.


Format: PDF filePages: 31 pagesCharts: 21Author: Andrew Collinson, Chris BarracloughPublication Date: December 2019

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • Industry context: End of the last cycle
    • The telecoms industry is seeking growth
    • Society is facing some major social and economic challenges
    • Addressing society’s (and the telecoms industry’s) challenges
  • The Coordination Age
    • Right here, right now
    • How would the Coordination Age work in healthcare, for example?
  • New opportunities for telcos?
    • The telecoms industry’s new role in the Coordination Age
    • Telcos need an updated purpose
    • This will help to realign stakeholders
    • A new purpose can be the foundation of new strategy too
    • Investment priorities need to reflect the purpose
    • New operational models will also follow
  • Conclusions: What will Telco 2030 look like?

Table of Figures

  • Figure 1: Needs for efficient use of resources are driving economic and digital transformation
  • Figure 2: The telecoms industry is reaching the end of the last growth cycle
  • Figure 3: Tech companies are more highly valued than telcos
  • Figure 4: Coordinating complex ecosystems requires three key capabilities
  • Figure 5: The Coordination Age vs the Information Age
  • Figure 6: How healthcare can be coordinated to achieve better outcomes
  • Figure 7: New forms of more collaborative B2B2X business model will emerge
  • Figure 8: Telco vs tech-co capabilities in the Coordination Age
  • Figure 9: Telcos can choose to be just a connector or do more
  • Figure 10: How telcos can marry purpose and ambition to best effect
  • Figure 11: How CEOs must realign stakeholder interests
  • Figure 12: What is related to having a compelling purpose in telcos?
  • Figure 13: New business models for the Coordination Age
  • Figure 14: The rewards and challenges of different business model roles
  • Figure 15: Balancing implementation and market risks
  • Figure 16: Selected examples of telco industry vertical plays
  • Figure 17: Telco vs tech-co investment models
  • Figure 18: Google has changed its investment spots – can telcos?
  • Figure 19: Embracing new ways to make stuff work
  • Figure 20: The challenges of agility
  • Figure 21: Telco 2020 to Telco 2030 business model evolution

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