Stakeholder model: Turn growth killers into growth makers

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Stakeholders have a critical bearing on the success or failure of telco growth plans. What are the key groups, what’s needed to optimise chances of success, and how does the Coordination Age help?


Format: PDF filePages: 54 pagesCharts: 34Author: Andrew CollinsonPublication Date: January 2022

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • Management
    • Stable and committed long-term vision for growth
    • …aligned with the Coordination Age
    • Suitable knowledge, experience and openness
    • Two-way engagement with stakeholders
  • People
    • Does the company have a suitable culture to enable growth?
    • Does the company have enough of the new skills and abilities needed?
    • Is the company’s general management collaborative, close to customers, and diverse?
  • Customer propositions
    • Nature of the current customer relationship
    • How far beyond telecoms the company has ventured
    • Investment in new sectors and needs
  • Partner and technology ecosystems
    • Successful adoption of disruptive technologies and business models
    • More resilient economics of scale in the core business
    • Technology and partners as an enabler of change
  • Investors
    • The stability of the investor base
    • Has the investor base been happy?
    • Current and forecast returns
  • Government and regulators
    • The tone of the government and regulatory environment
    • Current status of the regulatory situation
    • The company’s approach to government and regulatory relationships
  • Society
    • Brand presence, engagement and image
    • Company alignment with societal priorities
    • Media portrayal

Companies: AT&T, Elisa, Google, MTN, Netflix, Orange, Reliance Jio, Telstra, TELUS

Keywords: AT&T, brand, climate change, Coordination age, Culture, customer propositions, economics, EcoSystem, Elisa, Government, Innovation, investors, leadership, management, partner and technology ecosystems, people, regulation, shareholders, skills, Society, stakeholders, Stakeholder Model, Strategy, sustainability, Telstra, TELUS