ngena SD-WAN: scaling innovation through partnership

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Born of a unique partnership between Deutsche Telekom and Cisco, ngena leverages the networks of partners worldwide to provide a global enterprise connectivity platform. How did it come about, how successful has it been, and what does it teach us about innovation in telecoms?


Format: PDF filePages: 26 pagesCharts: 9Author: Matt PooleyPublication Date: July 2020

Table of Contents

  • Executive summary
    • What is ngena?
    • Why does ngena matter?
    • Has ngena been successful?
    • What does ngena teach us about successful telco innovation?
    • What does this mean for other telcos?
    • What next?
  • Introduction
  • Context: Enterprise needs and SD-WAN
    • Shifting enterprise needs
    • The rise of SD-WAN: 2014 to present
    • The challenge of building a connectivity platform
  • ngena: Enterprise connectivity with a passport
    • A man with a vision
    • The ngena proposition
  • How successful has ngena been?
    • Growth in alliance membership
    • Growth in ngena itself
    • Making money for the partners
  • What does ngena teach us about successful innovation culture in telecoms?
    • Context: the need to disrupt and adapt in telecoms
    • Lessons from ngena
  • What does this mean for other telcos?
      • Consider how you support innovation
      • Consider how you partner for mutual benefit
      • What next?

Table of Figures

  • Figure 1: 7 key enterprise networking challenges
  • Figure 2: Live deployments of SD-WAN platforms by telcos, 2014-20 (global)
  • Figure 3: ngena’s connectivity platform vision
  • Figure 4: ngena’s network of regional hubs, 2020
  • Figure 5: Connectivity requirements as t-shirt sizes
  • Figure 6: ngena’s local alliance partners
  • Figure 7: How ngena has grown
  • Figure 8: Six critical success factors underpinning Elisa’s operations
  • Figure 9: Four key questions for new innovation projects

Technologies and industry terms referenced include: cisco, Cloud, connectivity, connectivity platform, data ecosystem, Deutsche Telekom, EcoSystem, enterprise, Innovation, ngena, partnership, Platform, SD-WAN, SDN, Telco