NFV Deployment Tracker: Europe 2018 Update

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Updated analysis of STL Partners’ NFV deployment tracker. What have Europe’s major telcos done, how are vendors faring, and who leads the pack?

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Format: PDF filePages: 22 pagesCharts: 11Author: David MartinPublication Date: November 2018

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary: SDN / NFV deployments grow in breadth if not depth
  • Introduction
  • Welcome to the fourth update of the ‘NFV Deployment Tracker’
  • Scope, definitions and importance of the data
  • Analysis of the European data set
  • NFV deployments grow in volume but not depth
  • Growth has been driven by proprietary vendor platforms and mobile cores
  • New operators enter the fray – but deployments by leading NFV pioneers slow down
  • Vendor trends: major players dominate the scene, with little impact as yet for open-source or telco self-builds
  • Conclusion: SDN / NFV deployments are getting broader but not deeper

Table of Figures

  • Figure 1: European SDN / NFV deployments as a proportion of the global total
  • Figure 2: Number of telco groups deploying SDN / NFV in Europe compared with the global total
  • Figure 3: Vendor vs open-source / operator self-build components deployed, global, 2015 to September 201
  • Figure 4: Growth in the number of European SDN / NFV deployments per year, 2012 to September 2018
  • Figure 5: Growth in the number of SDN / NFV deployments worldwide, 2014 to September 2018
  • Figure 6: SDN / NFV deployments by region in the first nine months of 2018
  • Figure 7: European deployments by primary purpose, 2014 to September 2018
  • Figure 8: Deployments of leading VNFs and functional components in Europe, 2014 to September 2018
  • Figure 9: Leading operators by number of SDN / NFV deployments in Europe
  • Figure 10: Leading vendors by total number of deployments in Europe
  • Figure 11: Vendor vs open-source / operator self-build components, global, 2015 to September 2018 19

Technologies and industry terms referenced include: Cloud, enterprise, nfv, SDN, Strategies, Telecommunications