Network convergence: How to deliver a seamless experience

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How can multiple access technologies (4G, 5G, Wi-Fi, fixed line) be used together to deliver a resilient, optimised and consistent experience of network quality and coverage? An introduction to the landscape, opportunities and challenges in providing a single user experience across multiple networks.


Format: PDF filePages: 42 pagesCharts: 13Author: Ben TonerPublication Date: July 2020

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
    • Convergence and network convergence
    • Near-term benefits of network convergence
    • Strategic benefits of network convergence
    • Balancing the benefits of convergence and divergence
    • A three-step plan
  • Introduction
    • The changing environment
    • Network convergence: The adaptable and resilient last mile
    • Anticipated benefits to telcos
    • Challenges and opposing forces
  • The evolution to network convergence
    • Everyone is combining networks
    • Converging telco networks
    • Telco adoption so far
  • Strategy, tactics and hurdles
    • The time is right for adaptability
    • Tactical motivators
    • Increasing the relationship with the customer
    • Modernisation and efficiency – remaining competitive
    • Hurdles from within the telco ecosystem
    • Risk or opportunity? Innovation above-the-core
  • Conclusion
    • A three-step plan
  • Index

Table of Figures

  • Figure 1: Overview of convergence
  • Figure 2: Mapping solutions to industry
  • Figure 3: Example of network convergence in media broadcast: Teradek Vidiu Go Bonded Live Broadcast Solution
  • Figure 4: Interactions between standards bodies involved with convergence
  • Figure 5: Network Convergence deployment scenarios for telcos
  • Figure 6: Apple approach to mobile multi-access convergence
  • Figure 7: Comparing convergence above-the-core and in-the-core
  • Figure 8: Examples of some telcos that have deployed hybrid broadband
  • Figure 9: Extract from BT presentation to Barclays CTO conference 2019
  • Figure 10: Deutsche Telekom concept connectivity symbol (on Android)
  • Figure 11: Speedify announcement of streaming mode in response to COVID-19
  • Figure 12: Detailed Illustration of convergence “above-the-core” and “in-the-core”
  • Figure 13: Example tactics and strategy for introducing convergence

Technologies and industry terms referenced include: 4G, 5G, access network, Andrpid, apple, broadband, BT, core, Deutsche Telekom, Divergence, fixed networks, fixed wireless, Fixed-mobile convergence, Future Network, google, hybrid, MNO, mobile networks, multi-access, multipath, MVNO, network, network convergence, Small cells, Strategy, Telco, Wi-Fi