Network-as-a-service: APIs, AI and the open cloud

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NaaS is a major new opportunity enabled by telco cloud. But what is it? How can it be delivered and monetised? And how might it drive transformation across the whole industry?


Format: PDF filePages: 31 pagesAuthor: David MartinPublication Date: June 2023

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
    • NaaS is a major opportunity for telcos and non-telcos alike
    • NaaS 2.0 will be delivered across an open telco cloud
    • Recommendation: NaaS 2.0 is a long-term but fast-evolving opportunity and telcos need to pick a strategy
    • Three NaaS business models: Co-creator, Distributor and Aggregator
  • NaaS is a cloud-native opportunity
  • NaaS is also an opportunity for non-telcos
  • AI-driven automation and cloud-native software could bypass telco APIs
    • Cloud-native and AI are made for each other
    • AI-based NaaS will enable a new breed of automation-enabling, edge compute applications
    • NaaS 2.0 threatens a “Wild West” of networking
    • NaaS will drive a restructuring of the telecoms industry as a whole: How should telcos play?
  • Three NaaS 2.0 business models for the telco: Co-creator, distributor and aggregator
    • Business model 1: Enabler and co-creator of NaaS 2.0 services
    • Business model 2: Physical distributor of NaaS 2.0 services
    • Business model 3: NaaS aggregator
  • Conclusion: NaaS is a significant opportunity — but not just for telcos

Table of Figures

  • Figure 1: NaaS 2.0 market share, 2023 and 2035, worldwide
  • Figure 2: The four pathways to telco cloudification
  • Figure 3: Mobile network API revenue opportunity, 2022-2028, worldwide
  • Figure 4: Extended APIs in the disaggregated network stack
  • Figure 5: NaaS service creation and enablement via extended APIs
  • Figure 6: NaaS – from telco walled garden to networking Wild West
  • Figure 7: Telcos can increase revenues by widening their remit from connectivity-only to a share of AIdriven automation services
  • Figure 8: The four telco cloud pathways
  • Figure 9: The NaaS creator model open to Pathway 3 and 4 telcos
  • Figure 10: The NaaS distributor model open to Pathway 1 and 2 telcos
  • Figure 11: The NaaS aggregator model for Pathway 0, 1 and 2 telcos


Technologies and industry terms referenced include: aggregator, AI, APIs, application developers, B2B2x, BSS OSS, Business Model, CI/CD, CNFs, co-creator, distributor, GSMA, Hyperscalers, MANO, NaaS, NaaS 1.0, NaaS 2.0, network-as-a-service, SD-WAN, TM Forum, uCPE, VNFs, walled garden