Multivendor telco cloud: Mapping the pathway to success

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As operators embark on their telco cloud journeys, what should they look out for and what lessons can they learn from others? This report analyses the strategies and progress of three operators leading the way in telco cloud transformation and sheds light on the lessons learned from their initial deployments.


Format: PDF filePages: 27 pagesAuthor: Tim Otto, Philip LaidlerPublication Date: February 2024

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
    • Four pathways to achieve telco cloud transformation
  • Introduction
    • Telcos are becoming more agile, scalable and geared to making their networks cloud native
    • Working with an integration partner through pathway 2 enables telcos to adopt the skills and processes required to manage the platform independently in the future
    • Pathway 2 (integrating vendor-led, multivendor approach) poses significant challenges around ownership, independence and extracting the full benefit from the new operating model
    • Telcos embarking on their telco cloud journey are looking for guidance to map out a clear route to success
  • Observations and recommendations from the telco cloud index
    • Case study 1 (Americas)
    • Case study 2 (Europe)
    • Case study 3 (Asia)
  • Conclusion
  • Appendix

Table of Figures

  • Figure 1: The four telco cloud pathways
  • Figure 2: Capital markets are rewarding tech companies and punishing telcos
  • Figure 3: The four telco cloud pathways
  • Figure 4: Strengths and weaknesses of telco cloud approaches
  • Figure 5: Challenges faced by operators
  • Figure 6: Output from STL Partners’ telco cloud benchmarking index
  • Figure 7: The telco cloud index comprises 11 metrics across 4 domains
  • Figure 8: Three telcos innovating within their telco cloud platform
  • Figure 9: Rakuten ops engineers are focused on automating not operating


Technologies and industry terms referenced include: 5G SA, agile, Altiostar, Amazon, AT&T, automation, CI/CD, cisco, cloud-native, Coordination age, Deutsche Telekom, Google Cloud, Hyperscalers, Innoeye, multi-vendor, Nokia, open RAN, Rakuten, Red Hat,, STC, telco cloud, Verizon, vRAN